Shined my combat boots. YES, I'm bragging about it. It's not all that shiny but yeah anyway you got a problem with that? It's pathetic enough that I left my (piston? SP?) belt at home last Friday for my Type B uniform. Talk about lousy, I haven't even got started with that and I'm already forgetung to wear my own uniform!

Me And Maggie
Maggie re-intoduced to Marzie. DUT DUT DUT. I'm a total noob to Maggie's works so propz for her awesome flash games (keeping me busy at work) PLUS the awesome emoticons that I'm using now. Thank you thank you Maggie if it weren't for you I'm still in noobs-ville right now. kekekek

Music for meeeeh
before anything leaks out to MarzMusic here is a list of what's new in my playlist

  • Melody - Ready To Go!
  • Teppei Koike - Pieces
  • Bananan Girl - Vol. 3 Chocolate
  • Blue Sorbet - Melodical Sounds of The Taste
  • K.Will - Hario

I didn't bother putting everything. Lemme tell you. All good music titles that's just coming from me. I wouldn't need to drop you the hint to check it out. I'm checking out this album in a bit.

Crystal Kay's All Yours... I'm not saying anything

Well kids, Marz is dropping the official line. "I'm sick and tired of it". I've been so persistent in cutting ties with the 'gay' guy that I keep liking again and again. I just want to stop. Who's stopping me? No one is. That's why I keep coming back to liking this moron. To make it much more accurate, I'm becoming the moron who keeps liking him. This is frustrating!!!! I want to seriously ELIMINATE this gay man. If I do, the world will become a much better place and it'll be 1 gay man less..BTW. for those who think I'm referring to Dennis. I'm not, so drop the chit-chat fore' it goes any further. I just want to get rid of this particular a**wipe.

Journal Entry #1
Sir Paul read out my Journal entry #1 out aloud to the class... which makes me look like some Chris Benoit Fan... pwahahaha. I sound pathetic. I guess I should try writing 'nostalgic' journal entries... Just to the crap short. I'd rather have people read my blog than journal entries in B&W that'll prolli hurt your eyes.

that's all for the night kids. Sleep early and I gotta get well soon

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