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GAAAAaaaaah.... 안영people of this nation (someone whack me please!) I'm quite surprised X something... I dunno..Somebody is probably going to laugh while reading this post. (LAUGH ALL YOU WANT- because you can)

I know something you don't PART 2

WOW coincidence? Albie knows I said something about .... GOD KNOWS WHAT. And so, there ya have it . Nuff said because you wouldn't understand it anyway. You can ask if you like tho. pwahahaha

じゃあ...DUDE! I'm writing in KO and JP again 啦!

xiao - 小 - shun - ♥
The gods must have really enjoyed picking on me today. If someone we're to oppose about me liking Oguri Shun I guess that would be Elle but HECK I still like EDC in that case. Hear that Ed? I still like EDC~. Funny, I ended up watching Gokusen to see more of Shun. I read his last name in Mandarin to ELLE and had a little chat about the way I talk, and me liking Oguri Shun.

Marz: you read it as 'xiao' silly!
Elle: no it's in Japanese fool! so it's 'shun'
Marz: for real?
Elle: Yes, Your having another one of those Doumyouji-ばか-ness in you language. That's why I don't like talking to you.
Marz: 好啦, 好啦. You do the same thing too anyways
Elle: no I don't
Marz: 對,不你
Elle: that Shun guy of yours looks old. Why on earth do you like him?
Marz: 由於, I just do
Elle: 他是二五麼
Marz: George is 27
Elle: your 15
Marz: 好啦, 不憶我!!!!
Marz: RAWR! *crouches to the ground and draws lazy circles*

hmpf go figure... (>_<)

Blog of the evening.

Daayum, (drum roll please) I was going around for pics of Oguri Shun before I decided to use his website picture for tonight's blog. So yeah I came across this blog. Dut dut dut... just saying if your reading my blog, might as well check this one too.

それじゃgonna call it a day.

와~ 마리엘시!!!! your typing in 한곡어,일어& surprisingly also한어. I guess your ready to start with your Japanese 101, right?
oh boy....


Johanna said...

Contagious is contagious word!.. lol. Its like maybe when you laugh at a not so good joke then everybody joins you to laugh at it as well.. lol.

korinaiken said...

You like Shun? haha. Same here. but i love matsujun and Pi the most. ^_^