went to TriNoMa with my mates from the Upgrade. Didn't do much while I was around there, just checked out Penshoppe and took pictures with my mates. Sadly Kyra's going out of the country so she won't be attending the upgrade anymore *INSERT SAD BGM HERE*

Angel + Me

fooling around... the only thing missing *me goes tumbling*

The things you learn out of the classroom
Getting to know people is fun, these are just one of those rare occasions that I get to know people. Though there wasn't really much get-to-know going on but hey now I know that Ariane likes make-up. (drum roll please...) An intro for 'miss make-up model', Ariane!

It's not my call I'm not much of a make-up person... I should have brought my camera for reals

I'll prolli check out the whole of TriNoMa one of these days. I really need to keep a camera in my bag. Something small but yeah I'm more onto to camcorders. CANON stuff. any recommendations?

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