Toiiiee Sale!

One big up to the bigs kids at kidrobot... I'll prolli go order a new munny + dunny set and have Jonny paint it for me kekeke.

I still don't have my own magic 8 ball.... dut dut dut. I wanna bite myself! I can get a munny / dunny set but not a friggin' 8 ball. I was already at the mall yesterday but still I can't get myself to buy that drat thingy-magig. GAAAH, I want all of em!

MOVING OUT- of blogger
some things you have to love-hate about blogger... it's that ONE it's not wordpress and TWO they don't have that import-export feature up yet. Yesterday I had to move my 'marzasianpops' to wordpress. HECK, I can't believe I did that. Watch out world, I'm spamming the web with my... ok don't ask, just read

CAM is so dead
Long story short. The camera has no batteries. I have to make up with my SELFone. Stoopid, I gotta spend 5PHP to e-mail photos and eventually delete them. I know better than to do that now. Everything is going up in my Flickr fore I get myself either a new phone or a camera batteries. Who wants to buy this kid a couple of kodak batteries?

that's it kids I have to run. I gotta get rid of some lazy bumms @ the MarzMusic forums. Make sure you pay us a visit there... hold on who's the 'us'?

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