Steroids and it's stupid side effects

Really I'm touched when I hear about people who ask how I've been doing since I've been away from school. There's not enough time left for me to un-do what steroids have done to me but I'll show you anyway if you don't know.

before (March 19):

after (May 14):

That's the change in two months (at least) time from prednisone to medrol then I'm back to prednisone again (just this April). I think I'll stick to this one for a bit. I hope the dosage will go down so I could lose the puffiness. ALL OF IT. I'm must say I'm getting insecure because of the change. It's serious business but if I don't take the medicing I might go through serious WHAT NOT again.

I survived vasculitis. STEROIDS is a DRUG that kept me ALIVE

so I did get more puffier since March 19... who would have guessed? STEROIDstoopid side effects. It's a disappointing thing to talk about but it's happening to me. There's no getting away from reality but to face it. At least I'm doing something about it right?

I have to watch the republic have a new set of senators who I DIDN'T VOTE FOR while fixing the iTunes music tags.... I have to go to review class earlier tomorrow duhhhhhh.... maan I don't want to sleep yet. Why do I sound so 'I-DON'T-KNOW' tonight?

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Tunks said...

Prednislone really does suck :( I have a similar experience. Can't wait for all the puffyness to go away :)