Retreating Thursday

phew just got back from SM, and there's batteries in the camera again. YIPPIE. Once again I got another dose of nagging from mum about me and the camera. I should really just buy my own batteries so she won't complain that I'm eating up her batteries for her camera. Should have really just gotten me a camera on my birthday. dut dut dut but nuff said about that.

Out with friends
Yey, I finally got back with some of my classmates. Just Albie, MC, Baduch and Jo. Cess, Pat, Vanet and Dennis couldn't join us. At least this time I get to go out with them them. I just didn't get the chance to take pics dut dut dut. dummy me.

MC and Albie treated us out to late lunch at Kenny Rogers. We we're still on a roll laughing and talking. Usual stuff.

Watched Spiderman 3
Since there wasn't anything else in the cinemas BUT THAT unless I wanted to watch something else that was definitely out of my league. It was a nice sequel to the 2nd Spiderman woot. The good guys always win and well.... I think New York's super hero is Spiderman not Superman. some one's gotta pay a little more attention to that.

I know, I'm French
Pwahahah I'll get a good laugh off that sometime soon when it's on HBO lol-erz.

Style-d music.
Here's a new cpop duo pretty under-rated. They're talented I should say but they made the wrong choices for a debut album. That's the problem with the Cpop industry now-a-days. Record labels make money for image while other artists (Who are really talented) aren't even noticed. gaaaah So lemme share this one with you. Check out Style. A Cpop duo I have yet to find out more about them. Samuel & Lawrence.

then Marz went home

and this lil' fellow greeted me from the gate,

this at the door...

mum, dad and Greg all just got home just now... Whatta day Marz, whatta day . I have review classes tomorrow. Oh boieee...

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