Its the SMEX , I'm the mess

WOOT. been checking mid-term papers @ the upgrade.... Marz passed bearly HALF+3 of the exam... because, MAINLY BECAUSE she didn't really study. (bonk her for that) so moving on to work. IT'S FRIDAY time for another episode of Pop Goes Asia!. Watch out for it kids.

Miyavi-kun is the SMEX!
Just being random, mate. He is afterall 'the godfather' of what-not and I'm just one of his lil' kiddies. So you wouldn't here me say "when I grow up I want to marry Miyavi-kun". That's just all in the head now

It can't be helpped he's just so friddgin' hawt!

and I.. have nothing to add to that except

laugh loudly about it kids. I know I will be!


Francis Simisim said...

Hey, I saw your blog from pexchange. Nice blog! and good to meet u

anyway check out mine din, thanks

Marz said...

Nice to meet you too ^_^. Got a link to your blog or you just started blogging?