In a busy day

I just noticed that there's a lot of sewage repair business going on in the nearby barangays around the vicinity in my place. Thank god we're done with that in my area but it sure is annoying since they have to block the roads going to my place so yeah.


Exams @ the 111
Woot! I say math was easy tho I didn't solve most of the problems properly but still managed to get the right answers anyway . The UPCAT won't be anything like that for sure but at least I'll still get to take the UPCAT test just like that (if I still don't get my act straight). Whee math! I did however have difficulties with the Science... coz Marz didn't really study. Just scan-reviewed the handouts that same morning. What was I thinking not studying for the mid-terms. Welps all I can say is God helped me in using my brains.... to whatever extent of knowledge it had.. pwahahaha I actually have a what you call 'knowledge'... this is so embarrasing.
Marz is a ばか人
Had 2 new classmates too, Patricia and RJ? (I think that's his name). Then Kuya Osep and another teaching fellow (woot, Marz doesn't know his name) got in their singging mood and started their own little show. I on the other hand I dunno what I was doing. Me being me I was just looking around then I got to thinking... oh yeah I have to go to Princess' place right now.

Princess' Birthday
I told Cess that I would come late ahead of time since I had exams today. When I came everyone SUPRISE SUPRISE. Everyone was going home. I'm glad I made it just in time to see everyone off and at the same time manage to explain how on earth I got so bloated in a months time . Funny, Mida, [Armida Saspa] (who rarely sees me) was so suprised to see me... well I did really get bloated because of the change in steroid brands har har.

Marz New Goal:
lose the puffy face. BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS.

Princess' singging crew
So when I came, they left, I stayed. Dennis and Ayla also stayed. We got to talking. Pwahahah I suprised Dennis with my new look. Even Baduch was so suprised with the bloated face I had. So long story short I got even more puffier since my birthday. Is that a good thing? definitely not but it's a side effect. If I had this puffness since March I gotta lose it by *estimates* July if I stay away from the salty stuff.

Didn't do much but laugh at the change in me, talked to Tita about her trips to Dubai. (Now I'm considering vacationing there sometime in the future). Talking about what I missed in school. How we were going to prepare for college and stuff....

Jardis also came over. SUPRISE! so I thought he was going to be one those people who won't recognize me. Dut dut dut my baad so he does recognize me . There is still people in this world who won't give a damn if you get fat or thin.... Those we're some of the people I was with yesterday and it feels good to be hangging out with those people. But that doesn't give me a reason not to lose the weight. I HAVE TO SWEAT and LOSE the puffiness.

Later we sang Princess her birthday song.. ha ha. I actually made it just in time for the Birthday singging. Whee!!

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