Graduating- from the review

4 hours of mock examinations then we partied (just had some game PLUS inspirational words) then pictures gaaah . I'm a laze right now. Pretty obvious, yes? (Propz to Ate Karen for the Photos)

with Angel & Jairah

something is funny

And make things more OFFICIAL... they handed out the 'paper' Diploma

with Ate Ai & Kuya Kimpee


Review days are finally over. Over the past meetings I'm sure I get a point something advantage in some of my school subjects because I'm defintely bound to forget whatever I learned in the upgrade over time. Oh well that's Marz memory capacity MAX-ing out on summer.

I sure am gonna miss my mates from the upgrade


I'm not too keen on having my pictures taken because of my chubby cheeks mate so here I am, acting like a retard

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