Getting back in the game

Good vibes coming in today. (it must mean I'm gonna have a bad day tomorrow)
I can already see it.... 20+ math verbal problems to solve... YIKES there's just no getting away from it.

I want to customize my blog layout.... rawr. The beta blogger layouts are wrecking my little brain cells. Too much for a little css cheater like me

Wishing on the same catalog
on my wishlist... (it's not yet up on my website yet) is Shoes. I just want runners and Edison's Juice shop in HK are probably filled with em too! ROAR he makes me wanna do something bad with my money... ALAS spend, I shall not.

Ironically mum brought home a catalog from Florsheim Cubao branch. Lucky me, we're about to have a Florsheim branch nearby. Make that 'Florsheim TriNoMa' branch. Haha even I'm making TriNoMa that big of a deal. It isn't even fully functional yet.

^ heys... my phone isn't blinged- as it used to be eh? You probably only saw it now.

No money no honey
I wouldn't say I'm flat broke. Ok, so maybe I'm low on the dough because those online shops are driving me to spend spend spend. I'm actually happy to say that I'm starting to pick up a bit from where I fell off with life.

Since that sTOOpd vasculitis got me crawling since Feb. Dang it.... Marz is now back in the game. I'm just getting started again. If you don't understand vasculitis... GOOGLE IT. Maybe you'll learn something while your at it

Goals? I have a lot. You've prolli guess the first one
  • Loose the puffy face
  • focus on studies
  • get back to graphic works
  • DJ-ing? (actually I've been on that even if I was in zero condition)
Will the prediction save me?
I can't wait till I visit the doctor. NEXT WEEK. gaah!!! I'm a loser at waiting. Like wise man say (what are they saying?). Anyway I'm looking forward to a decrease with my steroid intake. That'll save me the trip to the gym. maaaan my back is killing me!

ANOTHER prediction, read this off Liang's blog.
World war 3 on 7.07.07

gaah but that's International NANA day... I read that Jin Joson is gonna be cosplaying Nana on that same day.... Oh SAVE ME!

Your Life is Rated PG

Your life is pretty family friendly. The worse someone is going to get from you is brief nudity or toilet humor.

I have to catch a running gay man. Yes it's still the same gay man from the previous posts. I think he's still gay?

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