Clean up on aisle 5

Hello kiddies! I'm a bit prepped up mood right now but too lazy to blog. So here goes.

7:33 a.m - ei whaddya know? I got up early after sleeping late last night .
10:20 a.m. - taking time fixing iTune music tags. Got Yuki Hsu's 'Bad Girl' album.

10:44 a.m. - early lunch.. CHICKEN. fried
11:27 a.m. - left for the review class
12:something p.m. - accompanied Angel, Jairah, Arriane, Ate Eunice, Kuya Kim, Kuya Mark, & Ate R.A. for lunch | Watched robot chicken with Angel
12:45 p.m. - ran back to church
4:35 p.m. - went to TriNoMa with review-mates + teaching fellows (many to mention)

4:50 p.m. - taking crazy pictures with friends @ TriNoMa
6:34 p.m. - got home. sweaty

Entertainment bits-o
I would really say this is 'news' nor does it have anything to do with me but hey it made all the way here to where I'm at so that makes it pretty much global- entertainment for me. (And for you also) Since I'm sharing it. Propz to Jackson Blue. LOVE Ya show man!

yo, no hating now. I had to edit that photo. Can't say WHAT NOT where the kids are .

Concert frenzo
woot! on MarzoPop Sunday special's they're gonna air DBSK's 'Rising Sun' concert. I am so watching! Add to that I've got Twins's Missing Piece Concert + S.H.E.'s 2006 Moving Castle concert in the iPoo-d. I need my own d-cam. Get me one if you love me

Remebering 'The Missing Piece'
Ahhh god that was one of the most unforgetable concerts ever. Tho watching twins perform live isn't really the 'bomb'. It's still awesome to get to watch them perform. God that was an awesome concert!

and so I go. I'm tagging dad's oldie music. (and I'm actually listening to it).... gaaah I still need to review stuff tomorrow PLUS homework thank you very much

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Madel said...

Hi Marz,

How are you I like your new blog.
anyway, I have a question how did you do ur picture that moves is that an icon? can u teach me how to do it?