Can't Leave Japan memories

ooohhh Bou.... don't goooooo!!! I have no idea why he wants to leave AnCafe. They make good music (tho I only have ONE of their singles) [HOW SAD]. I didn't even catch their last concert with Bou [SUPER SOBB]

Arika 言う X Akira says about Bou:

Gaaah! he's talking to me in Tagalog.. that's great... so I won't translate for you

So if An Cafe is disbanding just like that I'm tracking on 176Biz... another visiual kei band har har.

たら is there but he looks so different now.

dadadadum he looks older now... but that's why I like R.chord now hahahAt least he speaks my language LOLZ

Review @ 111
Woot back to review. I actually enjoyed math today... becuase I understand what I was doing, for a change.... dut dut dut.... Or maybe it was because of the people I was doing the class with. Either ways at least I learned something. And that's...
oh wheee... more study study for me. I've got mid-terms @ review classes on Wednesday. WOOT we'll see if I was really listening to the discussions.

Between actitvities
I may not be paying that much attention but the first partof my week is jam packed! Tomorrow I've got to go to the doctor (just the the derma tho ^^). Then it's Cess birthday on Wednesday, which is the same day of my exams then I have to work on MarzMusic PLUS reviews PLUS the forums AND marz pad (new web project) when I get the chance.

Of course I want to go to Princess' birthday dut dut dut... then I got to run to school.... aaahrg go firgure mate! I miss my classmates from school. Ok here we go again I have good reasons to go. so I hope mum allows me sheesh I can walk already for the love of God!.... woot that reminds me I need to to visit the gym soon.

and now, I've gotta run アディオス! but I could have just said that simply... adios! LOLZ

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