Tough luck & lazy play

Rembering Va. Tech - 04.16.07
Cho Seung Hui- the man behind the killings. He's already labled, dude. I found myself watching whatever media there is available of the va. tech shootings and about Cho. Pretty late huh? but it's never to late to find out whats going on in the outside world. GLOBAL NEWS for that matter.

Lucky me I stumbled upon someone's wordpress blog with links to Cho's two plays "Mr. Brownstone" and "Richard McBeef". Odd titles I thought, everytime I'd come across those titles for every report I'd watch on youtube. I finally found the links. I'll post up the links just incase your interested in actually reading em'.

Don't go crazy of over it. It's just a paper done by a collage student. End of story. Who would have thought he'd really kill all those kids?No laughing matter I should say. But that's that nuff said.

Silence on the 8th
I'm a bit lazy with dramas that I know are going to be draggy like 'Silence' but things are getting interesting after the 6th episode. The drama won me back but Vic's acting is starting to grow on me. He's reverting back to his "Poor Prince" charachter. The one that doesn't know what kind of emotion to use for the scene. I give propz for the plot of this drama, I hope he can imporve on his acting tho. Eun Hye's acting is coming out naturally, same with Andy Hui. They deserve the real propz for this drama.

Back to Science 101
Tomorrow it's time for my first review class for my collage entrance exam. You read it right Science 101. Back to the basics for me, not that I'm complaining. I say the pre-test was pretty tough for 2 hours and 3o mins (I think that was the alloted time, unless I heard wrong).
Oh great. More for the alma-matter. Shoot me now I'm bad at math.... yey it's not going to be math tomorrow...

New Albums
Here's whats new on my playlist. Ya'll can check em' at
  • Vanness Wu - V Dubb
  • KAT-TUN - cartoon KAT-TUN II You
  • Byul - Vol. 4 Her Story (Funny.. I think Jang Nara's vol. 4 was also called 'Her Story' or atleast one of her albums were named the same)
  • Beige - Something Like Beige (Really interesting)
  • Lexy - Rush (and so was the outcome of the album)

WHEE. Ama go party now


SY said...

Hi.. there. =D
I'm so glad to hear from you.
All these while.. I kept wondering who could be that kind to generate a free music upload webbie for everyone. Thanks for the answer
Thanks for the uploads in marzmusic. I will always support your site. [Did you still remember that I am the one who actually requested for Jasmine leong's Album?]

P/s: I actually found your upload site when your site was first set up. I was the 24th visitor then..->>there was a visitor count right?



Hachi said...

I really like your music player *was listening to it yesterday for quite a while - my fave songs are there LOL*

Thanks for reminding me about Vanness Wu's album, I was gonna buy it but downloaded it yesterday and have been playing it since. I will still buy it :)