so 싸가지

아이고~! 오리어모니 싸가지사람. But I know it's for the best maybe, but it makes me feel like I'm not enjoying myself. 파보사람!. 미안헤효 if that sounds like I'm rude. Dood! what kid wouldn't be upset? I'm human so it's normal for you to dislike people like that especially 오리어모니. It's perfectly normal. Wouldn't you agree so?

why am I upset lah? well I've been wanting to go out with Jo for her birthday... (but now it's super late birthday celebration). I got her the gift and so I have all the means and interntions of really going out. The thing is Jo can't arrange for any kind of celebration, that she doesn't know what to do anymore. Poor girl but I hope she know that it's ok even if there's no celebration, just the company will do

Originally she intended to go to Megamall.. but thing is I wasn't allowed nor was Pat allowed. Maybe we should just wait till that Tri-noma mall opens or what not but for the mean time there's always that handy-dandy "The Block". Which I'm starting to get tired of seing everytime I drop by SM.

Oh boy... I got to commit myself for more summer action because I have none. NADA ZERO. but I'll be out of town for some issues. From this week Friday to Sunday. And I'm a lazy but I'm working. It won't be till May (Hopefully) that I'll have to train my bum self to go to collage entrance exam summer classes because really I am that dumb... AT MATH. The rest no prob but I could repeat my whole high school like just because of Math.... 논파보야... and your hearing this from me.

Back to square 1 with cellphones
you can call me 파보 for buying a cellphone for it just being a flip-phone. That's why I bought my phone. A Samsung SGH-E310. completely disregarding it's connectivity or other features. I can live with my phone right now but it's a complete hassle with my life. So I'm putting into consideration buying myself a new cellphone with a camera that works with megapixels and my computer.

I'm totally mad about em' flip-phones! I hope nokia would come out with a flip phone that's not so SQUARE. Damn it, that's why I didn't buy nokia in the first place when I got bling to buy my own phone. So does my dream phone exsist anywhere in the Philippines? I have no friggin' idea I don't like buying my electronics here. Everything is limited to what we JUST have. Come to think about it, if you had a good camera phone... y wouldn't have to carry around a camera (Which I do).. old school you might think but I like digital cameras too but taking "discreet" pictures is pretty hard to do with cameras.

What on earth do you think I'm doing, trying to secretly take photos then? for my blog actually. Apparently some people don't approve of me taking picture of WHAT NOT when they don't want me to. Can't they leave me at peace for a bit?!!!! that's why we don't live in PEACE. Because we can't create it. Well we should eventually....

Le Protégé
Wheee! I got to watch it today! Awesome movie... like always good cast (has Andy Lau in it) equals to a whopppin' awesome movie! I bet Greg would like to watch this movie too.

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