People meeting people

Today I registered for CCBC's (The church across Starbucks @ West Ave) "Upgrade'07" a simulated collage entrance review class. Don't get any wrong ideas now. I know I shouldn't really be piling up on activities to stop me from studying Hanguk this summer but what can I say.

Time just wont permit

I'm still studying my Mandarin and Canto tho. No worries. So yeah back to the review class drama. Me and Cheska finally met after... God knows for how long. I gave her a pack of em' oatmeal cookies from Good Shepard from my trip from Baguio yesterday and I got her started with chit-chating about what I've missed and the like.

Former -what nots
I came late I won't let you miss that fact before anything else. But that has nothing to do with what I have to tell you hehe . Cheska was actually suprised to see my bloated face. I guess she couldn't imagine what I meant when I said I look like friggin' "porky-pigged-faced-marz" during our previous conferences on Y! when I still couldn't get around. Welp she wasn't the only one.

People meeting people
ICE BREAKER TIME. Of course in a class you have to get to know the people your going to be with for the next few weeks. Time to make aquaintances.

...let me name a few names (Yeah, name a few because by Wednesday I wouldn't recognize who is who I suppose )

Today I met (including some of my teachers):
  • Angel
  • Jessica
  • Jaira
  • Kyra
  • Eunice
  • Reira? (sp?... please don't hurt me for not knowing. I'm slow with names and hearing kekeke)
  • Ate Ai (Former SCS student... WHEE!)
  • Ate RA
  • Ralph (ok, this is me cheating... former classmate from SCS who didn't recognize me.... because my face was puffy. No one recognizes me, which is good)
  • Kuya Raymund (Ralph's Older brother, again I'm a cheat. I dunno why he's there tho, He's supposed to be probleming about enrolling into schools? I dunno, I don't want to mess with that kind of stuff unless someone tells me)
  • Kuya Pito
  • Ate Osan (Tho she wasn't there. I always hear about them from Cheska so yeah)
  • Kuya Mark
I guess that all I can name for now. Hopefully I'll get to name more people coz I get the feeling that there's going to be more students coming in by Wednesday.

Then I saw Dana after class. I guess she too was suprised to see me. Bloated so I guess she didn't recognize me either hehe.

Lots of people can't recognize me. woot woot. I'm no fan of steroid-faced self pwahaha. I face the wrath of bloaty-nes nes nes.... [Insert echo effects here]

Orientation to careers
First meeting. New people, so I thought heck back to the basics on square one. Thankfully it was only orientation today. Cheska stayed with me for the first meeting. Thanks, that put me at ease. So on the first meeting I got play some games with my classmates. The ever infamous 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' turned into 'math, count my fingers' game... Go figure but I was among the last four people standing in the game . Would ya imagine that? Marz playing math games? that's just messed up.

We even had a group pic taken on our first meeting... then went home immediately after exchanging cellphone numbers with some of my classmates and that's that .

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