OZINE '07 fest ~Sunday

Yeah, boys and girls, Marz was out again! I was walking, I was shopping (for a bit). The fest is still on going up to this moment so your probably guessing why I got back so early when I left late already. Dut dut dut... I was so late that I didn't even get the chance to buy a ticket it was SOLD OUT by the time I got there (around 2 something o'clock) so I ended up getting a lousy stamp on my hand...

as soon as I got there I tried to see if there was anybody whom I knew. Yes there was, I spotted my brother's former classmates even greeted them tho I doubt they recognize me because I look alot chubbier from the last time they saw me so nuff said about them. Didn't see Ate Akiko tho but I did see Eduardo. haha he was cosplaying Itsuka again, I caught him holding a deck of cards I guess he's doing his signature thing on the catwalk (too bad I'm not there to see that). There was also Joan waah she looked pretty in her dress. I couldn't say hi tho she was in a hurry and well because she doesn't know me either . To make the story short I did see some of the cosplayers from SM North at the site. Kewl kids. Good luck to all of them.

Not-pro PHOTOS
I couldn't get good photos since my hands we're shaky. I'm not much of a action photographer I might aswell post up some good pics taken by other people if I can ge hold of any. Bummer I didn't si Ate Nejin, I was looking forward to see her cosplay. Most of the pics I got were of cosplayer's backs. STUPID ME. don't even tell me off I'm really no pro with action shots. I should have my photo taken with the cosplayers but I guess I was shy lolz.

This was one of the intersting cosplay's I saw
from the One Piece anime, it's a shame I'm really bad remembering names of anime characters. No wonder I'm but a mere cosplay enthusiast. I can't cosplay unless someone coaches me like I did back in the days (lol, that was only one serious cosplay actually)

Mags I missed out.
Originally I planed to get myself a copy of these magazines but the articles weren't really in my favor so I'll just have to wait till next issue for these stuff.... haiz but still went out to Filbars to get myself some other reading material. kekeke. Cosplay Mag will be out in ya local magazine stands this April. So you haven't missed out on this one since it just launched today @ the Ozine. I'm not sure about Hobbycraft tho. I like the concept of the mags but just not this month's articles... so I didn't bother buying. Cover looks SWEET tho so get your copy kids!

The thing that still bothering me is that I didn't see any of the eating contests... haiiiz that's what I was looking forward to kekeke. I guess that wasn't till the later part so I guess I missed out on that too. SADNESS.

Early music.
Hahaha. I've got a early copy of Chae Yeon's My Love Album... gotta love that hahaha. ENVY THAT kids kekeke

my next blog will be the next event I'm all out for. That is if I can go

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