Out to miss something

Hello kiddies, I've been busy as always still doing my web tweaking with MarzMusic lately and I it won't let me off the hook but I don't mind. I love what I'm doing It's just that pilling up the work doesn't make this fun but I'm getting things done. That shouldn't worry anyone.

It Pays to blog
nuff said with the 'Adsense' thingy with blogger and stuff. Yeps I signed up with them to lately but I doubt I'll be getting paid. Go figure. But anyhows I say it pays to blog I meant it more like "It costs to blog". With the way I blog and my phone.... mum would prolli guess she's paying my mobile fees for my blog. Not any actually. I'm using my own bling to pay for the photos I take from my phone to get in my pc. Poor me... huhuhu

That kinda reminds me of how people (back in the 90's) would line up in the Kodak shop to get their photos developed from their old school cameras. I don't like getting pictures developed at the shops coz its pricey. I'm doing something similar except with my phone. Now ya'll have an idea where I'm spending most of my bling. JUST TO GET MY PHOTOS OUT OF MY PHONE.

I bet your prolli laughing at the thought of it. "Nokia made nice cam-phones. You could have taken the same photos and saved your money". I just found out yesterday that my cellphone's value in the market is 12,000 from it's original price from when I bought it. Dang it. Next phone I'm getting is nokia tho I really don't like their flip or slide phones... I hope they come out with a nice flip phone by the time I'm buying one. Prolli next year . I'm still happy with my current phone anyhows. I'm in no hurry to buy a new phone. There's still more to love with my Samsung-SGH-E310 .

Eye Doctors
Today, we went to see an eye doctor just to see how well my eyes are since I'm still on oral steroids. Oh btw, my dosages is going down so that should me losing my puffy face should be easier for me. At least a little for all I care and can do.

The doctor I was suppose to see wasn't in town so me n' mum had to see the eye doctors in Shangri La instead. Service is sloooow.... so I didn't make it to my review class.... danggit... I missed my Bio and Chem class. I had to miss it because I can't use my eye since it was being 'dilated' (I think that what they did). PLUS a lot of flashing was done with my eyes so I couldn't focus much on what I was looking at. I couldn't see properly so yeah.

I like taking photos of food... that's obvious right? Lunch was O.K. JUST OK. Note to self: eat at MongKok for the dimsum not the beef noodles.

Good tunes
ahhahaha someone said I was starting to slack off with the 'good music' for not checking out Epik High's Remapping The Human Soul Album. Yeah yeah I'm slow aiight but that because I'm busy. I've got a copy of it now and they're awesome! Ya'll gotta check it out. It's a two disked album but it's so worth it. A 7.5/10 rated album by "The Chidori Assasin" ha! one of the critics whom I cannot argue with when it comes to KR&B. *bows*

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