Goodies for the week

I gave up on the thought of asking for a humorous book. I saw this book over at Barnes and Noble website, dayum We don't have it here in the Philippines so ya'll know... CHEESE me. It's called "Chinese Lessons" by John Pomfront. Journal type, I got to read a preview from the Barnes and Noble site, pretty interesting read (well if your asking me that is). I can't wait to get to read the whole thing. The only thing I don't like about it is that the dude is telling the story from his Vintage time (the 80's) and Chairman Mao is mentioned ALOT of times. Not that I don't like it but I guess I could use view point of guy when reading about C.Mao. (Captain Mao ..... lol!)

Ahhhhahahhaa. Marc (Turtal) knows that I've given up on my Japanese 101 after discovering about 'Kanji' and that I plan to take that up maybe 2 to 3 years from now. Because I'm still studying Chinese PLUS 한곡. You may not know it but I dislike learning how to read and write Chinese but I'm still taking my time in learning that one pinyin character at a time. I can't learn it properly if I don't make use of it. I speak it don't read or write it YET. You can't learn the language if you don't learn the culture or whatever else surrounds the topic of language and culture. That's why Mpop is soooo hot in getting my lazy bum self to 한곡 to get-over with my language courses. I can pick up a thing or two about 한곡 I can assure you that. I got a wide coverage on it already. I'm just too lazy to learn everything this summer. I need a break too. Whats culture without the food huh?I admit that I'm no gourmet but I sure am one enthusiastic gourmand! Especially with the Asian food. pwahahaha I love that stuff.

Today's Menu
I got up a bit early today (around 8 something) pretty late actually but earlier than the time that I would usually get up on a summer day. Typical. Then time for medice pish-posh and wait for like 30 mins before I had breakfast. Lots of bread and butter. (FOOD BLOGing kekekek ). It's important for me to watch what I eat since I can't do much about losing weight just so soon because of my foot issues, you might already read about it before. For lunch, (I now consider it DUNCH) dinner and lunch. I had a late lunch at 3:00. Unagi + Seaweed soup + kimchi (they didn't cook vegetables, so yeah). I swear I was the one who consumed most of the unagi and the soup. Mom could back me up on that news. I've got a big appetite. It's crazy I know I'm suppose to stick to some sort of diet or something. I know better than to eat a lot. I'm having a light dinner or maybe even not. I don't even want to think about eating right now

Finished Reads
I finally finished reading this book. I wasn't a fan of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul AT ALL till I got to read this one. I bought this at the first book fair at school. It didn't cost pretty. I couldn't imagine who one earth I spent 450 Pesos on a book. Pwahahaha I'd rather buy myself clothes actually which I rarely do with my Philly money. Welps at least it was worth the bling. I finished reading it after like erm... a year? can't recall I'm a slow reader. I read when I want to.

Unless it's a Bob Ong book. I'd read when I get the chance. Speaking of Bob Ong I also finished his book "Ang Alamat ng Gubat" quite sometime ago. It's one of the books I'd say I've read but I can't remember what happened in the story dope. It's a O.K. book. I'd rather read his "Stainless Longanisa" book tho.

Music Treats
The Jpop just keeps getting the best of my player. Raging from Tohoshinki, YUI, m-flo, Koda Kumi, and w-inds. to name a few. Jpop has never died out in the years of love for Asian Pop music. and they'll be flooding ya local MarzMusic download section in just a bit.... because I'm a lazy uploader. Pwahahaha full dvd concerts too. I got to watch the Tohoshinki Zepp Tokyo concert DVD on Mpop (some time ago) I got myself a copy of the DVD pwahahaha. Magical! Here's some of the albums on replay on my cd player.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at Se7en is so SHMEXY!Free Image Hosting at fan made remix album from KUMI-X

Free Image Hosting at w-inds. ... this is like the most sexiest album I've heard from them. MUST GET. I would give up on Tohoshinki's "5 in the black" for this album!

Free Image Hosting at This is is a real album scan! It's a nice easy listening album.

I'm looking forward to Namie Amuro and Se7en's next album release. It looks like it's gonna be GEWWWWD

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