Going, Gone

Yesterday-> Went out to the local mall, shopped, dined, and got tired
Today -> Went out to the local mall, shopped, dined, and got tired
then got a fix.

won't bother posting pics. bought some stuff but as I've said I'm too lazy to post pics. Because I looked at cameras yesterday. Dut dut dut at a appliance store, I was with my parents tho. They we're actually suprised when I said I didn't want an Ipod. They said they've could have gotten me one on my birthday . They could have just ask in the first place, I never really like those apple ipods. I'd get a zen instead even if the Zen video looks horrible. BUT HECK I don't like either.... I'd rather have the digicam or cam-corder or even better for their pockets.... a magic asking 8 ball. CLASSIC. would trade an iPod for one

"I'd pick that 8 ball over an iPod, anyday"

that felt awesome just saying that. I'd like the original one tho... the "icosahedron" one. Gives you 20 possible answers. I doubt I can actually find one of those out in the market now. The new one doesn't have as many as 20 possible answers but it's always fun to guess what answer "The Magic 8 Ball" will give you each time you ask .


Bye Tita Bong
Another one in my departed list in my daily prayers. Sadly after me and mum came home from the Salon she recieved a sms from Tita Bong's cell telling her that she has already passed away. I always had her in my daily prayers, praying that she wouldn't suffer too much pain. God knows that. Though I've only met her once I've heard a lot about her through mom. Well that's pretty much all I can say about Tita Bong. I believe that she's in a much better place now.

I'm hoping that all the pain she's experienced is gone and that she's happy. Rest in peace, and condolence to her family.

On the bitter note
... just adding to the thought of Mr. B who passed away just recently... another phase of well I don't want to say 'death but one of Dad's classmates died recently also. A number of people have died over the holy week through various accidents, different kinds of people from different walks of life. I don't know about those who under gone self-flagelation though, they must be in a lot of pain, especially those who even tried getting nailed to the cross (yeah, some people do that here in Philly ).

and now I've got to go and start getting my hands on those 8 ball thing-a-majiggers. I want my collection of that stuff... they've made different kinds of it too so I don't want to get myself started. I'll just go buy the original one atleast. har har!... unless ya'll want to get me one?

later days

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