Getting tired

whoo... It's Sunday. End of another week. Oh boy, I'm tired. Really I am

This week I could say has been quite productive. Lets review the week
Monday: Working~
Tuesday: Worked
Wednesday: did some more working
Thursday: Went to the gym for the first time (after not being able to walk), visited the craft shop
Friday: gym, mall (SM)
Saturday: gym, mall (Shangri La)
Sunday: returned the wheelchair, went to the mall

Returned Wheelchair
Yep kids. I'm back on my feet though you'd definitely catch up fast with me. I'm not in my runner shape yet. (especially my face) Dope! I still look like a siopao available at ya local kowloon house! lmao. Yes sir/ma'am I don't know how on earth I'm gonna lose my puffy face. I can have a good body shape but I guess I'll still have a stubornly puffy face with a double chin... errr.. ROAR. So take alaugh of this one (taken back in 3-19-07) I don't like taking pictures when I know I look puffy.

and so back to the wheelchair business. We drove out all the way to Greenhills to the house of Gen. Yan.... Woot I thought, I thought, I thought.... blah blah. Well I just thought I would meet him in today since we're returning the wheelchair but erm you know how I can get with meeting people. Especially important people like him. I hope he gets the Thank you card as well... dut dut dut. Nice houses around his village. I haven't seen nice cars around the vicinity but let me tell you there are a lot.

Another Trip to the mall
I think I've had enough of my trips to the mall... buzz. Welps. That's it for the mean time that is. I don't think I'd want to even go to the gym tomorrow. Pftt. I have work to do. I was at greenhills this afternoon after returning the wheelchair. We took the chance of going there since we knew there wasn't going to be a lot of people by the time we got there.

Haha there wasn't really a lot of people outside since Manny Pacquiao's match was being aired. God! the singging in the opening we're all distubing. I couldn't tell wether the crowd was "Boo-ing" or their just plain noisy.

So yeah, I wasn't expecting to see Vinson there. Woot! I doubt he even recognized me by the way dressed and looked. Pwahahaha. He looked stumped when I called out to him. Prolli didn't recognize me har har. I also wanted to drop by where Princess was at but didn't get the chance... bummer.

Side Note to Manny
Wow~ I just googled up Manny for a picture to post here. Pwahahah I had no idea he'd win. I hope he doesn't win the election then. He'd have too many wins in a lifetime then. Have more death threats than ever. Boxing and politics. Who wants that kind of crap?!?!!
Pacquiao finished off the bout with some devastating punching in round eight.

I take it that this all just going to make "Pacman" all over-rated again. And somehow I think his chances of winning the election in Gen-San is high... wow this is the second Politician I've blogged about. Thats just stupid. He's a boxer not a politician..

May just around the corner kids (or should I say- voters) VOTE WISELY. I don't want to see people working their butts all day to pay their taxes (if they do even care to do so) to THESE POLITICIANS who like to spend the people's taxes to their likes. I don't like that crap at all.

and I'm saying so because I know so. Do me a favor and vote for someone you know that can make our country a much better place (except for the President tho, give her some time. Because you know, she's going nuts out there....

... I'm serious

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