gaaah... me likey. But I'm in no mood to spend or sabotoge the black ipod. I like it plain for the mean time.... No touchy to be done on 'blackie' maybe except the back but this gelaskins are too awesome not to have. Too bad there's only 1 ipod to put all these on hahaha.

^Something I'd get for Greg

and I think g-masking is going to ruin your ipod or palm pad. go for the Gelaskins... they protect your stuff even better. Don't believe me? drop by an apple shop and check it out for yourself. Too bad the designs in Philly are limited. I might as well go for the metal case. Nothing beats that.

Apple is also with Toki Doki. I just don't know if their gelaskins or rubber pads. But their definitely Toki Doki!

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