Cut back to reality

Hey kids, I'm back so soon. Here's something I'm looking forward to. A.k.A. next attraction

Watch out for it.

School Blues
Tomorrow is the last day for the CO training, Albie and MC (Go) told me so. I REALLY REALLY want to go but Mom disagreed to the idea once again. And I thought she'd allow me to go by this week but still didn't allow me anyway. Haiz so yeah mum plans to bring me along to Batangas tomorrow what on earth would I do there? So it's still up to me if I'm going or not (to Batangas).
Oh yeah did I mention that the last day of CO training is suppose to be a party? so technically if I went.. I would have went there to party. DOPE. I can't party! I can't even have sardines yet! so that all points to. HECK MARIEL! DON'T GO ANYWAY

Sir B. now with Mrs. B
I was dumbfounded when I heard about the news that Sir Bernales (our school's president) passed away on Thursday, March 29 (think) all I know is that it was on the same day as this year's 4th year batch's graduation ceremony. Which I wasn't invited to help at mind you. (ya'll know why, conditions cinditions). Yesterday, me and Bernadette planned to go visit him at his wake but as we planned and planned, we both ended up not being allowed to go.

Today is the Burial and I still didn't make it. What a student I am. Way to Marzie!

The only thing I could do now is to continue to pray for him, R.I.P. Sir B. At least now we know that he's in a much happir place, with his wife Mrs. B which I also miss tho we're not THAT close or something business like that. I just missed her gestures and speeches during school activities.

What's going to happen to the school now that there's no president?

Soaking in salt water
Last time I visited my doctor we asked about me going to the beach. Whadda know I CAN! but thing is we still need to test if I could handle the salt water. How to do that? lolz if you didn't know soaking your feet in salt water is one of those house-hold remidies for I don't know what exactly but it sure does something with killing germs and stuff.

I have to do just that, at first the thought of soaking my feet in salt water was quite scary but as I tried it it wasn't so bad after all. It's just like taking a bath, a soak, a whatever. Doi. extra information you didn't have to know. Now that you know. I guess you can go try it for yourself if you got open wounds on your foot.

Soaking in the beach when you got cuts or stuff like that, some people say is bad coz you might get an infection of what not. In the Philippines (old wives remidies) they'd point you to some 'magical' beach place and tell you that if you soak in there even if you got little wounds on your legs or wherever. Just simply go swiming in the sea and it'll be gone eventually. And it really does work.

^El Nido, miniloc resort... I have plans to go there for vacation again ^_^

I dunno man. This country is trully magical. I love it here. (wait, why did we get to this discussion already?) Anyhows that only means that I'm seriously getting into my beach-bum mode and get ready for some summer fun in all the places I can. Except maybe the pool. I haven't tried chlorinated water yet

Akira is Leaving
haiiz. Time pass by so fast. It was just a day after he arrived that he visited me on my birthday which was really something I appreaciate. Dude! He visited me when I thought I wouldn't get to see him this time he visited. Bummer he won't get to be here for the part 2 of my Birthday which I have no idea when that would be (prolli next year? LoL kekeke). So Dude, if your reading this, Bon Voyage! see ya when I see ya again. (or is he really leaving today? Albie told me so just yesterday). I dunno could be one of her April fools day pranks or what not but even so. Bye Akira, thanks for stopping by here at Philly

and to everyone else...

APRIL FOOLS! (no that wasn't a joke)

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