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I just got a new set of projects from Mpop and it's a handful of things I have to watch before and while I study my 한곡말.

projects like:
  • watch kmovies
  • watch a drama serie
  • write reviews for it
  • review albums
  • dub a drama <- this one is new
I already got started. Yesterday I got to watch "" and today "Il Mare" two good movies. Must watch but I reckon Il Mare is more interesting. Man, I need to watch comedy. I'm set to watch a Japanese movie or a Chinese one by this week. I could use the variety.

Back to Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
Finally someone continued to upload this anime on the web. Thanks thanks thanks so now I get to watch it, though it's not quite done yet but at least I get to watch a new set of episodes

Workout X Exposure
hey hey! I'm back to the worx at the gym. Yippeee but it's no walk in the park I tell ya. I'm back to zero. As slow as a running turtle. nah just kidding I'm back to working out and it feels nice to be able to excercise again. har har I just need to win back my shape and energy to do my usual gym routines. There's still stuff I can't do right yet but I'm working on it. I hope I could do some summer training for my COCC what-not. I feel so left out now .

Funny coincidence
I dunno but I like picking on Joko whenever I get the chance. So yeah, I find out just after I got home from the gym that he was at MetroBar (just a couple of blocks away from where I was at) and there you have it. I just find everything funny even his blog post. He must have been so thrilled to win the contest. pwahahaha. you can read his blog entry here

^ lolz Joko amboka mo

Letter to the General
I made a thank you note today. For General Yan. Why you ask? well he lent me his wheelchair and that's a nice thing comming from a man like him. That reminds me of Rico Yan (his grandson) one of the few filipino actors I really adore but sadly he passed away so young. makes me think how unfair life is. But anyways we're having the wheelchair returned to him one of these days because I can freaking walk now! WHEEE I feel so loved!

Maaan I gotta get out more... I mean I want to go out more often. Just waiting for my woulds to heal properly that's all. errmmm it's such a hassle so much for that I got to run.

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