You never win drunk

I just hate... ok, maybe dislike but frankly I HATE drunk people. They can be funny at times but not all the time. I say I hate this person who is drunk. RIGHT NOW. I really do dislike the fact the he thinks he's a genius when he's drunk. Well earth to drunk ass your NOT a genius and your not helping either.

So kids of all ages get drunk at the right place at the right time and get your act STRAIGHT. I hate drunk people. It's not funny anymore.

Yesterday, I came from the hospital dut dut dut... time for the good news, I'm getting well but I got more meds to take and I had a blood test. BORING that about wraps it up for yesterday. So boring. It's just hospital then BLOOD test. oh yeah I'll be having one again on Monday... haha I'll get more needles stuck up in my ass for... I don't know how long but it's not getting anymore exciting... Think you can juice out anything else more from me? He're a little presentation, PRopz to SLIDE.COM for the slide of course. Make me laugh drunk man <_<

that's that.

I feel that I am getting better, that good actually. Today mum went to school to talk to my teacher and the stuff I need to catch up with. Hardy har MATH ISSUES, my mum tried to talk miss Gaudia to get me a home service tutor or something like that... ahrgg... I hate school when it comes to math but HECK I want to graduate from third year High!

I've got loads to finish now actually it's just that I can't work properly because of my condition. MAN THAT BITES! ama go and do WHAT NOT again.

here's a nice video get out and be happy fools!

later days

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EDiie said...

Mari, gawd you sound def depressed and in low spirits. Well I want you to be ALRIGHT. always be, because you gots me in ya back up always.

Mari, please don't play with ya blood woman! XD!!! it's rude keke