WORK. just work

Work no play
this is crazy i've been working straight for the past 2 days already. I could use a break, not that I'm not enjoying what I'm doing but this is bum ass work. I sit around all day moping that I could go out and break a sweat or something like that.

Summer no fun
I couldn't think about going to the beach or go diving. BUMMER. It's going to be a crappy summer without going to the beach. I haven't gone to one in ages. Oh boy do I miss scuba diving! Well this also because I noticed that everytime I took a bath my sores would bleed. BLEED I tell you BLEED. That's no fun. I go to work wearing slippers. Good thing no one asks or ama beat em' up. (oh boy, am I a grumpypumpkin)

Pocky Look-alike
mum bought me this Lotte 빼빼로 the other day when she passed by mercury to buy my meds. Dut dut dut I had that for my afternoon snack acompanied by a nice warm glass of milk. DUDE, It's summer. I just felt like it Lol actually I'm staying at a air conditioned room I should have just turned off the aircon could have saved electricity

My pixels. Pixie buddies.
haha I've started to like this pixel business of mine. Kekek I've just started to learn how to make my own so I'm not pro at this stuff. Check it out kidos. Only three for now, I might be able to make more if I'm not too busy. Don't steal it please I'll be SAD if you do
.... I should work with animating them next kekeke

man. I'm tired I should retire or something get some sleep. Something.

^ I want to be out there.

Missing countries.
I'm not yet due to get my butt out to 한국 yet. Boss T said I would eventually have to go there sometime soon weather I want to or not. Errmm.... can't they just home school me? Staying at a dorm sounds fun and all but I'm just not to hyped up to even think about it. lawwwrrrrr.. I miss Hong Kong too!

I've got plans to go to S'pore this summer too. A family vacation prolli. Ah I love it there too. Singapore... Action City. SHopping. THE FOOD. pwahahaha I never stop it with the food thing don't I?

Doctor Appointment
Oh yeah, it's also quite bummer that my doctor appointment got moved to Friday this week meaning... du du du dum.... another blood test . Ehhhkppp. It's not like I'm afraid of it, It's just that I get this tingly feeling whenver those nurses stick a need up in me. RAWR. I could bite them

I gotta get outta here.

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