today I didn't go to school today because the pain on my foot seriously took it's toll on me. I couldn't handle it it, I couldn't stand without the pain. Eventually I gave up and decided not to go to school. damn that was stupid, though I would normally experience pain every morning and all stuff like that. It's just that today, rough day for Marz, a good day for the earners...

within the past few days nothing could enpower me but words, healing that came in the most smallest form for me was the best medicine so far... I could recall

"Labanan, mo. Wag mong-i-baby ng sakit" (fight it, don't baby the pain)
-Kuya Alex

"Sige, kaya mo na yan... paghinamon ka, ako na kalaban niyan" (You can do it, if it fights back, it'll have to go against me)

"I will pray for you" ; "I will include you in my prayers"
-Tita Beth & Andrew

"I've been honest from the very begining, to be truthful I also include you in my prayers... so that you'll get well soon"
-Dra. Bernal

"Don't cry, be brave"

... that was all I could remember. so far that is, I know alot more told me more empowering words, I am very thankful that god gave me the gift of hearing and understanding otherwise I'd be as lost as WHAT NOT. Thank you for those words.

Tiny suckers
so yeah I didn't go to school but I had to go to the hospital today. dut dut dut.... now I have to administer those little suckers up in me morning and evening. Damn, what am I talking about? I'm talking about shots. dut dut dut... I have to inject myself.... I guess that's better than having to go through all the pain with my foot but what hurts the most is the price.... P800+ ROARS! it's roughly about $220 dollars all in all.... ASS MY BIRTHDAY WISH LIST.

and dayum... Birthday wish list... since it's all crapped up I already know what I want for my birthday and it's nothing money can buy. I saved someone's wallet and hopes by just saying that kekeke.

here's something nice, tho I know the rave about Jang Ri In is over, about her being Chinese singging Korean.. Which mind you doesn't bug me coz she's a good singer. Btw, Propz for the beautiful MV. hahahah those suju boys are hotness! Shiwon is so hot here... tho let me spoil it for you. He's the bad guy. LOVE the casting. MAJOR PROPZ! another one into the good books... Xiah is also hawtness! kekeke


later days... I have a date with my medication <_<

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