Kids. I know I didn't show up for CO training. reason? My foot. that won't change till I fully recover obviously. so Marz here decided to go on a short road trip. just dropping hints on where I went to. NO, I DIDN'T WALK

what's a road trip without snacks?...

Silly girl
remembering how it was like yesterday.. ha! it was a blast. I had more than I could ask for. Yesterday was indeed crazy and it's pretty obvious since it left some serious scars on my feet. literally did. but it's ok since I enjoyed my day. Who made my day? my friends and everyone around me did! And so it left me that crazy look on my face today. I really appreciate EVERYTHING that happpend on the 19th. I didn't even need a birthday song or a cake with 15 candles to make my birthday wish come true.

as much as I'd like to list down all the names of the people who made my day... well I'm quite tired since I didn't get much sleep last night. so I'm signing off. letting you know how much I enjoyed everyone's presence yesterday.

as for those who didn't make it. (because only 2 out of 3 of my birthday wishes came true) the last wish will still come ... soon..

I'll see all of ya'll really soon :D

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Pelene said...

Happy birthday girl!