Lols, funny I should mention 'produce' right now kekeke. Anyhows today I get to spend the day out.. at the hospital same ol'~ same ol but the good thing is that I won't been going back there in a months time. WHEE!

It's vacation week already... Holy week to be exact. Pass-over for those people who call it pass-over. I should be spending it in the province but I say it's not going to be easy like that coz
  1. I'm still busy with my 'projects'
  2. I still have those sores on the sole of my feet (making things a little bit hard for me)
  3. it's a crazy environment out there. (Though I really like it there)
phew... a load of at least BUT I'm still not going. I'm missing out on those lovely hotcakes I get only once a year. It won't hurt if I miss it this year since, well I've gained weight I'm trying to shed it all of this summer. On the other hand boss T isn't pressuring me that much with work which I appreciate. He understands how I MUST PUT time into what I'm doing especially when it's got something to do with designing. RAWR I've got a deadline and I'll still be working on a holiday... BUMMER

Cooking Custard Balls
haha this is a fun game. One of those nerve wracking games that are extremely pointless and gets you nowhere. I found it on someone's site. CREDIT LATER because it's from the Indonesian site called KAPOOK. I doubt you'll understand what's going on there but most of the games are foreign. My 한곡 송셍님 said that I could learn even faster through games so he adviced me to try playing the games that are in 한곡. BLAH BLAH I'm playing this other game first.

Is that a burito?
I don't know if I missed something but I'm getting confused with this Mexican dish. Is it a burito or a quesedilla that I want? I asked for a beef burito this afternoon while waiting for my doctor to come so yeah back to the burito thing. I asked my bro to buy me one so he bought me one from Tia Maria's (I think thats what the place was called). To my suprise it's got some rice in it (I didn't know it was suppose to have rice or maybe I really wanted a quesedilla) and the wrap was so thin that it's just as thin as the paper wrapped around it. Eh... Not exactly what I wanted it, tastes ok I suppose. Oh well but whatever... all I know is the burito I wanted was suppose to look something like this.

GO-CERY X Ozine Excercise
Another thing for me to be happy about.. kekeke you must think I'm so low being happy to go to the grocery. It's excercise for me. I get to push the cart. I was so 'productive' I could hardly feel my feet awhile ago but that's ok coz I'm ok now. Actually I'm tired from standing. It's training for me I'm ready to take on that Ozine on Sunday if my mum is bringing me. I HOPE>>> I heard Bogs (Eduardo Viniegas) is going to cosplay Itsuka (again) and Marc (Turtal) will prolli show up aswell.. who knows who I might meet. I hope Ms. Jin Joson will be there to cosplay. My idol! She's awesome! (She's the Alice- The one in blue in this picture) bummer you can't see her. She cosplayed Enma Ai once and really did pull it off. I loved that one the most!
I hope to see her cosplay on the Ozine if she does go.

that's it kids. Marz is tired I wanna retire early so I can work early tomorrow.

That reminds me. There's going to be visitors tomorrow, not mine tho Mom's workmates.... it's all going to be work work work in the house.

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