My absence is no walk in the park

Hey all! once again, I'm still out cold... or should I say I'm still not showing up at school. ABSTAINANCE? heck no! I'd rather be killed in school than get that for no good. People who think I'm on vacation right now should be in my shoes for a change. Try having my case of vasculitis and see how fun it is. come on I dare ya!

little blood suckers.
here's something I didn't post a picture of yesterday... I was too bum yesterday to even think of using the camera to sneek a pic for my blog. I just remembered there's a webcam on this laptop my bad. kekeke, I'm still on steroid.. dut dut dut it just came in adifferent package that's all.

^ that just sucks! No I'm not sucking blood off me, I'm injecting stuff into me now... DUDE! I do it myself isn't that sane? it's crazy coz DUDE! I do it myself, I just had my second one just after dinner it sucks coz it hurt alittle bit more than the first one. I reckon I was pretty much ok with the first one but dude! ama die out one of these days!

Dinner a'pelle
WOOT! the stuff I love, food no doubt about it, but even if I could have lasagna for lunch and pasta from Italliani's for dinner. I just wasn't in the mood to eat. There's something I could put ABSTAINANCE into.

^lolz alcohol and lolz... hahaha it's funny I placed the shot and the rest of the meds on the tray.... lolz I gotta remind myself not to do that again for a picture kekeke

Still being out has it's benefits but last night wasn't apart of it. I got started tracking on Vic Zhou's Shen Qing Mi Ma (Silence) with Park Eun Hye. It's not so bad, very typical story line but dude! It's Vic... my SUPER EX HUBBY XD!!!!

he's too cute to be called "Mr. CEO" kekeke that's just if you ask me... He looks HOT in a suit, gaaaah that's another reason why I don't like proms I see lotsa guys in suits but don't get me wrong I don't check out guys who look like... (err how to describe?) I dunno I guess the best way to put is that I don't like guys who wear suits that are too big for them kekeke.

I'm so evil. even if I am sick... keke My bad kekeke. I really want to get well soon and run in an open feild and kick people's butts again! but not literally of course (If I did that my butt would get kicked 10X harder!)

yeah yeah I'm not on MarzoPop for the mean time or what not, I can't shop for albums since I have alot of things to attend to and all so do me a favor and support AFradio. They play the next best thing ;)

Maybe tomorrow
Tomorrow is another day, I admit I'm not all that patient of a person but if you ask specifically I will do. I don't want to be kept in my little space for too long, I really want to get out and get some sunlight, lose weight even! But at this rate I could only get well through prayers, medicine, and thoughtful words. Tomorrow will there be much more to expect? more pain? a whole new set of pain? less pain? I don't know. No one knows but I haven't lost faith yet I'm just kicking the side of me telling me that I haven't lost that much yet because I'm still willing to fight.

I miss everyone
, for the first time I realize how far I've pushed myself away from the people I see everyday, these people who are like almost family to me. I'm sorry I'm just going to be a memory sometime soon. I can't give you much but the pains of reality and the pains of consideration that you have to give me. I can't ask you to understand but I want you to know that it's because of all of you that I try my best to get well as soon as I can.

I love you guys :D!!!!


Marz is out to date her medicine. yeah I know I already lost

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ED said...

looks like you've got all the time in you hands now Mari. Date ya meds? lol wouldn't you rather date your RC BOY instead rofl.

don't hurt yaself. MUCH LOVE from ya boi ED