Mum's home!

Okie dokie I thought I wouldn't be blogging t'night since I was lazy and crazy . Anyhows it was only today that I got to cook lunch . What I cooked for lunch is also the same this I had for dinner. I made sinigang though I didn't like it as much as if someone else cooked it for me. I could still work on that but enough about that. Dad and Bro cheated, coz they had a second dinner after they picked up mum from the airport. I would gone with but nah... I stayed at home to watch some looney flash animations that made me laugh still. Like "Maritess V.S. The Superfriends" and "Dr. Tran" GOOGLE it if you don't know.

I'm not the biggest loser of the night, Mum brought me home something. They also passed by Starbucks. dut dut dut MORE CALORIES for the evening. Mind you I do easy excersices in the morning so I'm doing something about me puffy face. PUFF MOMA lol

Can't get enough of BOB
I started reading BOB ONG's book "Alamat ng Gubat" (Legend of the forest) har har. It's such a colorful book. It's the only color-illustrated bood from BOB ONG. I can't wait till his 6th book is out. I reckon it's called "W" I dunno. My wild guess .

Mum's pasalubongs
I wouldn't really call em' pasalubong but ya know she brought it home all the way from Davao, so yeah I got 2 cute graphic tees and a sarong. Suprisingly I took the green sarong, theres just something about me and the color violet.... really negative energy RAWR!

Ok, here's just in. I asked commander mummy if I could go to trainig this Monday. DANG IT! she said "you can't even walk yet. Give it a week, look at your sores it's so deep". CORRECTION I can walk. True, I can't wear socks or shoes yet (it's going to make my foot melt) LITERALLY. God this makes me want to go out even more! RAWR. It won't be till April 2 till I get to see my doctor again. Probably by that time training is over and what am I to do?!!!!!!

I have to get something arranged, even if it doesn't get Sir Chris involed in teaching me. At least someone has to teach me! or I'll go crazy knowing I'm not yet done with this CO Business .

This makes everything alot more awkward. I mean DUDE! Even Sir class-com pm'd me back awhile ago not to quit. Who said I'm going to quit?! I'm just a freakin' casualty! I haven't even gotten to the good part yet. I've only done 35? squat thrashes I think. (yeah I'm counting that)
I need some action kids!

too bad the only place my mum is allowing me to go to is work... dut dut dut and school KR SCHOOL. Meaning I'll have to get my butt out of the country. I'll be schooling in Sogang University in 한곡 woot! fun fun fun. NOT I heard I'll be taking history classes as well hardy har... whatever it's a part of the course then I have to take it also.

and so It's getting late. I don't want to get told off to sleep again. HEY IT's already tomorrow.

It's Jinnie's Birthday today ^_^ kekeke. I'll go party whenever kekeke

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