Marz the Poopy Head!

Hey ya'll. I'm in a much better mood tonight. Not just because I had visitors today or a good breakfast. HAHA what's so good about BBQ sausages anyway? keke at least I didn't have cereal or bread or what not. WHatever it is that's giving me a better mood tonight could be one of the things I'll be blogging about... dut dut dut

hey hey, I didn't expect to get a copy of Bob Ong's stainless longanisa today. Quite a surprise, besides from the fruits and other sweets that Tita Myrna and Tita Gigi brought for me. (BTW, these are mum's high school classmates). I don't know where my mum saved the pics of us but here's some that I took of myself.

Keep your heads on
I'm getting well that's for sure. Taking a bath is pain for me since I have a hard time dealing with my foot and all but thankfully and surprisingly I didn't encounter all that much PAIN tonight. very thankful I am.... pwahahaha and I still can smell that disgusting smell of puss I seriously hate it. I want to puke every time I smell it, there's no stopping it. I want it to go away. On the good side my wounds are getting better day by day. DUDE! I can stand now! haha! eat that pain! I hope I can walk already. There's so many things I have to do with my feet and stuff.. go figure.

WARNING: slightly disgusting | repulsive picture ahead.


Toast with the planner.
haha I love my Starbucks planner. I write whatever it's like a friggin' diary but it's a planner I tell ya! pwahahah I'm such a hoax. I have to get some decent prints to put on in a few days. I will do I just need to remind myself. Here's some random pics. Hey! my Kubrick's dangling from it too!

Pimpin' layouts
I had nothing better to do this afternoon. Ok ok I was doing this while Tita Myrna and Tita Gigi was over.. I'm a bit rude I know. My bad since I wasn't totally in the mood to entertain guest. BUT MIND YOU I do appreciate them visiting me and I look forward to going out with them this summer also. (note to self, leave that spot on my planner keke). Anyhows I got to the works with my frienster layout. I say I got it pretty good this time. It's not as plain as it used to be. While at it I gave out a few graphic testimonials C/O BSHIT graphics and BE@RBrick. Thank you very much I love the merchandise. PROPZ FOR ROYALTIES. did the fake adds. major propz to UrbanMedia and Kubrick (they're called kubrick right?)

Out-smart the poopy head!
So yeah it's not such a bad night after all. I'm signing off early coz tomorrow is the day that we celebrate me birthday or something like that because 하라부지눈 is coming over. LOLZ add propz for that I'm making use of my 한곸말은. 마리엘시, ADVANCED 생일춬함니다~!


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