Lost in Parody 3-3-7

Since my last post last night I started to feel this HORRIBLE EXCRUCIATING pain that no one could do anything about it. Not the pain killers, not my mum, not my granny, nor my doctor (tho they helped a bit). I felt like my foot was burning and that at some point I thought that it was best for my foot to be cut off from me. I don't know what's gotten into me but last night my mum asked me if I wanted to turn to 'non-scientific' remedies. At that time I felt a little disappointed thinking that it's whenever I go to the doctor I don't feel pain but when I'm not I feel ALL THE PAIN. It's unfair, just like that 'disaster' that happened yesterday at the fair.


but yet again GOD IS GOOD. Today mum and granny snuck me out to a faith healer somewhere in Pampanga, of all places I thought I would never turn to at time like these but she definitely helped me. I thank god for having people like her to help people like me. I couldn't even stand! that was not until she did what she had to do and it's just like that I could stand again. thank God really, I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have faith. I have never experienced pain such as that. It makes me think of the irony... so before anything else. I want to thank my Grandmum's friends for helping me get to the healer today


Yesterday happened like a dream, I did not expect something like that to happen. I felt like I was lost for maybe just 10 seconds or so. I don't know how to describe it, because I'm not really suppose to say or remind myself about it. but to cut the story short I had more than I could ask for. I felt like I could seriously get a gun up at my head and shoot. I was that happy. I seriously couldn't describe what joy in the world but it's a tragedy because I've moved on so soon that I got lost in my thoughts when it happened. In that short period of time I knew that I've moved on already and there's nothing left for me but to be happy only at that time. It felt like a dream.. that's one big lie as well, I wish I never woke up if it was a dream but it really happened.


after the visit to the healer, we had lunch out at Everybody's Cafe. Good food, nothing beats good food and a miracle. I can't explain how everything is happening like this. It's just so unbelievable but it's happening I'm so happy yet in this pain I'm in I put those who care for me in much more pain. I wish there was some way to make all the pain go away. That's drama right there. I don't like that kind of talk so let's talk food anyway. I had a good helping of Pampanga sisig, ox tongue, and some veggies (which you rarely hear me enjoy). Har har healer's orders that I don't have eggs or fish. Ma'am yes ma'am I won't have that anytime soon. Marz is now officially on probation. I want to loose weight!

yeah boi! They've got a friendster account and added me up... WOOT! now I just seriously love them! I'd pass stuff for Cerealicious when I'm back to dieting. har har I'm not cheating on a diet I'd rather have that than a 120calorie cup of coffee that won't get me anywhere.

that was Marz, of the real world.

Later Days

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