LAWS of Photography X F.D. 07

It's March already! I'm definitely getting older, by the year how time flies... WOOT! I ain't in a mood to re-think my life that has passed me just what not moments ago (or so imagined it to be like that). Today's drama, har har another FD (foundation day) @ school that seemed a whole lot different from the past FD's I've ever gone to.

But let me tell you, it seemed the most convenient FD of my entire life and yet unseemingly disastrous, but before I get to making tell about any disasters let me tell you that I no longer hold a clean record for 'not-being-jail-booth-ever' not till those two blokes got me in for uhhgg..... that's not the disaster but whatever that was it's still taking a toll on me and I don't want to talk about in public... because clearly I've got things confused with WHAT NOT at the wrong time at an unexpected place.... DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA... that's all you'll hear from me if I continue so I'll stop. nuff said....
Marz's real drama
I'd be lying if I said I pulled an all nighter doing absolutely nothing or because it was because of foot pain (because it wasn't ONLY foot pain) that was keeping me up last night. I finished late preparing the playlist for the 'request booth' where I went on duty for the rest of this afternoon. not all the songs we're played but hey! Candy saved my effort by requesting for BIG BANG's V.I.P. (the only Asian Pop song I got to play the whole day) and that's probably the first Asian Pop song played on an FD, that's history for all ya lil' kids.
What really kept me up was my outfit... pwahahahaa It not as "whatever" as last years attire. Pwahahaha I had all the reasons to be in this attire coz I was official photographer of the Drama Club (I felt like a prep-Harajuku girl-I dunno what put together). I just had the outfit in mind since we 'imported' Eduardo into our cosplay racket to sell quekquek I knew I needed to j-pop the scene har har. socks saved the day for me!

^ Noe and Candy
That's the only photo I got of Candy today, that's dope! I'm the official photographer for this event yet this was the event that I had the least photos taken BUT mind you this was the CUTEST set ever... I'm sho fat lah! or I'm getting fat I definitely want to lose weight, gaining it is easy but I'm on a roll now XD!
Tho I had issues like what I should wear, what music I should play, how I would manage walking around the campus with a broken foot, or things like that concerned me. Recyn's (Vallesteros) uncle passed away last Wednesday but only knew today, I have been praying for him this past few days, maybe God really did want him that soon. His condition sounds horrible, I mean get a stroke for the fourth time? Man! you've got to be kidding me! that I can imagine being more painful than having my feet. So today after the FD Recyn and her family are driving off to Pangasinan this afternoon to attend the wake of her Uncle and she'll be out of school till god knows when.
Lucky me I was able to bring Dad's laptop. Mine's busted.... long time already I don't know when it's going to get fixed either but the good thing about having the laptop with me is that not only do I get to play songs I got to take pictures aswell... thank god Dad bought that laptop. Owe him many much love XD so here are some photos of today's activities both camera and webcam pics.
- Me, Sir Paul (Bahia), Noe (dela Fuente), & Eduardo (Vinniegas)
-Vinson and Me
- Eduardo as Itsuka XD and me as Marz Ren "aka Ren QiEn"
-Micheal & Me
- Furrs Gone wild! @ the request booth
what the cosplay was really for? Well each club @ school needed to raise funds for something (I forgot for what it was exactly but it was defintely for school also). I wanted to cosplay too but I'm the photographer dude! kekeke, anyhows the catch was we we're suppose to get dressed like anime characters and be like mascots (like what Disney world has). Noe was a prisoner but he looked like some dude who walked into school wearing pajamas XD!!!!... seriously, Eduardo (who isn't from our club originally) was cosplaying Itsuka from Hunter X hunter, the rest.... they just attended to the cooking issues. I though Dennis would come as Jack Black in Nacho Libre XD~ but nah

Club performances
the truth be told I was feeling well yesterday, I was able to walk alot much better I just don't know about now. I'm having difficutlties again, maan ok Anyways. I got to practicing for a club performance yesterday. Some hella steps that even some I can't even do but thanks for the love and understanding from my clubmates I didn't perform but lost in contrary, SINCE I WAS already, I had to take pictures of them performing LOL no big but I enjoyed watching them dance to Teriyaki Boyz's Tokyo Drift. I find that song really annoying, I'm not that much a fan of Teriyaki Boyz but I do love them for sporting B.A.P.E.

There was also a performance from Sir Guno and Ma'am Tianco. A High School Musical song that I'm not familiar with but PROPZ for the performance! The kids obviously liked it, just look at the crowd. I watched them even sing along with the both of them

dj bumbai
I was very eager to do this dj-ing stuff but I only got the chance till the end of the day. I went on duty with Noe dut dut dut that was after the Cosplay thing. And he seemed pretty happy about DJ-ing and stuff and all. Tho I'm here @ work they said I'm not due to host today but I got other stuff to do here anyway so yeah. It's pretty complicated to actually have to get people to 'hear you out' with their requests. So I have to tell you again, there was history... Marz played the very first Asian Pop song on request BIG BANG IS VIP... so dammy proud of it too! pwahahah I was hoping I could play Se7en or Bi but BIG BANG IS DEF VIP!!!! pwahahahaha. I want to give propz to Noe who was really serious about this DJ-ing business.

^Noe, Me & Joko... watch em' go nuts.....
I didn't really feel the thrill or excitement of the mini-fair until WHAT NOT happened (it's the undisclosed disaster that I mentioned earlier). I guess it's a part of having a broken foot, lolz 'broken foot' I can't get my act together yet but I still have a busy week ahead of me. Finals are coming soon and I can't afford to screw up most especially in math which I am, I TRY SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND!!!!! I really do but I just can't quite get it.
as for today, I had fun. In my own little world... someone has made me the most happiest person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD but in reality my world just began to experience mass hysteria and I can't afford to fix those things at times like this. So if you happen to have a gun in hand, shoot me now for it's D-Day.....

tomorrow there's a motorcade for the school.. second one to be precise but I ain't going... I think I'll busy being sick. :P
Marz owns today...
Later Days

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YJ said...

I remember why you were so happy on that day. I hope you find yourself just as happy as you were that day again. I really hope so.