Feel So close, TO VICTORY

Yippe!!! Tomorrow is like . It's Monday, DOI but you know it's like going to be the last day for my self-pokin' Clexane medication. Woo hoo!!! I can already... ok I can't image but tomorrow moring will be the last of it but again I have to remind myself that I have a blood test later in the afternoon. But that's JUST a blood test, wouldn't kill me. I can remake that stuff. PWAHAHAHA the feeling is soo great... this calls for another great SLIDE>.....

That's that for med-gap news. hopefully won't have to blog about that anytime soon

Super Junior is actually splitted into groups, I didn't know till this single was released under the group name "Super Junior T". I don't know what the other group or SuJu boys are called but it's said that their forte is ballads. I must have been not paying all that much attention. Enjoy this ROCKKUGO song of theirs... UHG I'm anxious to get my hands on their 2007 album...

Hana Kimi Comming to a close

I've stopped at episode 14 already and it's a cliff hangger I must say. Lots of thoughts are comming to my mind like how can you end such a nice drama at Episode 15? Lol that reminds me of Full House, 15 episodes that god me asking "How can you do this to the viewers!?" pwahahaha but at least it's good feeling. I hope RuiXi and Chuan will get together in the end WOOT.... so that I can have XuiYi for myself XD pwahaahaha me and my evil ways

Time's a-ticking
I don't have any plans of staying up late tonight like I have plans of finishing my AP outlines that are sooooo darn long. Mind you... tomorrow no classes once again. (Theres another assesment going on I suppose, dun ask I know nothing about it) I saved my own but from another 'ABSENT' mark in my permanent record thanks for having no classes tomorrow. I'm still counting 2 weeks PLUS of absences from school. They could cook my butt once I set foot in school, but I suppose that won't be till after the 19th or if I hope even earlier coz I have seriously ALOT to catch up on.... my situation in school is NOT PRETTY.

I could die out just trying to get everything down. I'm not yet even done with my Grammar homework essay.. this is going to drive me MAD. I deserve it I suppose, I can't do anything about it but work on it. I still have to get down to business with my COCC training aswell. All I do is observe, no work. Who's gonna get killed in the battle feild without a fight, out of a casualty? I see fingers pointing at me <_<....

don't let me get to ya. later days