Birthday eve

Yellow~ people of Marz land.. if that does exist pwahahaha. ok I'll shut that trap that's nuff said for me. ok ok I'll just get down to the blogging business ne'hows.

Tomorrow: ok stupid day to elaborate about. but I sure will be in shibby. WHEE~WOOT. propz me if I do live tomorrow or what not again. I'll be living for 15 damn long years.... DINOSAUR AGE.

TODAY: it's HAPPY birthday eve. pwahahah it's happy because of meh beloved pocky... Milk pocky who doesn't love pocky. pocky pocky pocky. Yeah it's all about the love for my beloved pocky. yeah go mock me and my pocky. I bet you want some too

Yet again today was another good day for a slide. pwahahah POCKY POCKY. Infatuated with pocky. I'm not cheating on a diet lol. I'm not YET on it but I am quite so-so you'll understand if you we're in my situation... pwahahah but your not so go figure

LOL I'm blondie. kekeke

but it's not all fun today. not for some people at least. I just heard that Karizma had kawasaki disease. it's a disease the will probably lead to vasculitis in the future. Poor kid. We might end up in the same hue but I hope not anyway she's got a better life to live I don't want to poor girl to end up like me. Get well soon Karizma!

I gotta say put. or maybe I just need some sleep. har har. To go or not to go to school eh I don't want to after hearing what Apong said about what lies beneath Villa Corina's grounds... euughh gives me the creeps that's why I don't dare even think about going but if I have to then bring it on. Let's see em battle with em supernatural. RESPECT TO THE UNSEEN, kids. all I gotta add to that


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