Yippie! What a productive day! I deserve a cookie or something. har har. What's so productive you ask?
  • worked on MarzMusic downloads... so there's new stuff for everyone to enjoy
  • pimped out my blogger (it's like I don't do that everyday kekeke)
  • talked to lotsa people
  • finish Bob Ong's Stainless Longganisa (actually, I did that yesterday at the hospital)
  • made .gifs (because I just felt like it)
funny I should mention Bob Ong. It's like I just said I ate someone else's meal kekeke. Also add to that I got two copies of that book. Propz to mom for the first copy and My Furrs and Cheska for the second one... too bad mum's taking back her copy so I'm down with one copy again

^ dude I have got to lose the puffy face. You don't need to remind me that

I dunno if I'll start my own personal series of MY GIFS @ my multiply because I'm known for the "I Love YOUR .gifs" series. a collection of asian pop .gifs from wherever I get to see one... dut dut dut pretty literal title. So here's mine anyway.... who would actually give props for these lol.

HE's a Japanese Boy..
haha I remember Ed totally freaked when he saw this picture he said "Whoa, I thought you we're going out with your RC Boy? who's this then?". Ok, don't get any weird ideas fore' I post this photo coz there's alot of people who asked me about his when they said that they 'accidentally' saw this and they started making a fuss about WHAT NOT. Hey! just chill and let Marz explain. Ok, so it's like this Akira is my former classmate. I'll cut the story short yeah I kinda like this guy coz I personally think he's cute. He's my friend who came home to Philly for vacation lah! just so happens that he visited me in my house on my birthday NUFF SAID...

Kids, you know there are things like rules that are written on air. You don't see them you just know they exsist. Like that rule about leaders and followers. You can't lead if you can't follow. There's things you need to learn before you can say that you can do something. Just like me except I need more time to learn stuff because of freakin' vacsulitis that is a bit of a hassle in my life. I could have finished all my requirements with both my feet working if it we're for vasculitis. Har har but goodie I'm getting well.

So kids out on the platoon, just be alittle more patient and I'll be joining you guys soon. Actually I'm DYING TO GET OUT onto the feild. Though I'm not really looking out for the possibilities of me overworking myself again. My doctor and parents still leave me the benefit of the doubt that I'm only get myself hurt if I go back so soon.

WELL DOI? that's what I signed up for THE PAIN.

so here's the drama anyways. Albie told me that Sir Chris thought that I was quite persistent about this CO business even if I'm in this odd condition and that he fears that I might end up with a low ranking position if I do become an officer. HECK I don't give a damn about ranks and positions now. What I f**kin care about is that I get back out on the platoon and sweat meh bloody ass out till I tire out like the rest of my mates did.

Again I hear cheers in the back "Marz is a one lucky bastard!" someone's going to think I'm mad right now but really I appreciate the concern kid. I look forward to getting killed in the platoon (and I mean that in the nicest way possible)

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Nici said...

RC BOY? haha. Your friend is cute too