You, the judge of CRAPPY

Yesterday. I thought I missed half of what I would call my life. WHATAHeF?
nothing... screw my foot I missed my prom coz of my damn foot but that's life.

tomorrow. D-DAY

CRAP OCCATIONs call for CRAP celebrations and I will do bring my camera to show everyone how CRAPPY Marz's life gets. So do stay tuned in for tomorrows updates if there will be any

I went to the doctor today... dude! I'm due for an operation on Monday, which is like my Journ Congress so CRAP that day and that loser who I hate to see. Well at least I won't see that *ss on Monday flirting... hey! he flirts? I say I used to hate seeing women or girls 'flirting' but dude this is disturbing. it's either I'm seeing things I shouldn't but I now see guys at my school flirting with girls.

of course I'll leave it up to you to guess who or where I'm seing this drama... wherever it maybe I'd definitely want to fire the director (who ever told that *ss) that thought that 'flirting' was the in thing and It's cool.

it ain't and I think it's over rated like he is. o.k. maybe he's not over rated but I'm starting to hate his guts big time. Just when I thought it's just me phasing me but it's really him being over rated

just to let him know if he is even interested to know..... "Dude, stop it your creeping me out, you over rated FOOL!"

Marz is back to square 1 again, so if that *ss even had intentions of including me in his WHAT NOT list... forget it mate, I HATE over rates *sses like YOU.

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