A Waltz enough to last forever

Yes yes, it is finally Valentines Day. I had a blast. Mind you, I didn't spend it with anyone in particular but it was a school and I wouldn't say it's the best day or WHAT NOT but today was the best Valentines Day I had ever had. I'm like a kid on Christmas Day giving out gifts to anyone. I was being random. In fact I felt more generous today then I was during Christmas. I definitely had plans of brightening other peoples day so I dunno about chu but me, I'm happy God gave me this day to live tho I know tomorrow.... I could be in front of the tabloids and put up to face WHAT NOT issues I made while I was having fun today.

^fooling around during duty. That's Jason's (Pernia) hand btw

I kept myself busy doing WHAT NOT or it's not 'what not' but you should know that I felt that I wasn't suppose to be there because I promised Jo (Pernia) that I'd bring my laptop and play some tunes up for request for the kids at school but it was last night that my laptop decided not to cooperate with me and be BUSTED. Yeah that's one use for the word BUSTED for Valentines day... how convenient, NOT! So yeah anyway I'll leave the technician to have a date with my laptop and see what he could do with it.

So anyhows your SUPER LOVER (only today) got into the flower business and did what not. This was really what not, cause:
A.) I don't do flower arrangements
B.) I'm no good at simple math (you can ask the people who were buying from me)
C.) I was originally/ supposedly playing songs for the lil' kiddos
D.) I'm bad at math


^ SUPER LOVER's identity is hidden still...

^My super sidekick Albie D. (actually I was the Super sidekick) helping me with the balloons

it's ok if I thought flaming my superiors here wouldn't be so bad... but I'd get my butt kicked big time if I did, so I'll tell them from here... (if they are reading). I MISSED YOU and PLEASE DON'T HURT ME for not showing up in WHERE NOT :D. So please don't hurt me :| .... If I put a serious face now I know you'd still love to kick my hiney on Valentines day. Please don't :) I'll be extra nice to ya'll :D

The Dance
I'd least expect it today but I'll tell you I would have been caught dead being the wall flower at Mr. O's tonight down at West Ave. but my foot is too sore to even think about dancing like mad today. So I'll save you the effort from seing ya SUPER LOVER get road kill at a ballroom dancing WHAT NOT on Valentines Day. I didn't go to Villa Corina so I have absolutely no idea what on a earth a 'cotillion' is tho I know it has something to do with the prom (which I'm missing out tomorrow). Ya'll tell me. I was engrossed watching the graders do their thing while 'trying' to sell valentines stuff this afternoon. I dunno I felt like it was blog material. So I'm wishing their lucky butts all the best on the competition. GO FIGHT BLUE, GOLD, WHITE!

so yeah anyway back to the v-day business-ness-ing I, for one think this was just for photo-ops. That's just me coz I brought my camera. WOOT!

and at the end of the day this stuff was eventually sold out. and oh yeah if I haven't mentioned the SWEET design on the bulletin board. I'm not sweet talking nobody, I'm just sharing. Major Propz to Jo (Pernia) and Mr. G (Mina). Holla at me when your not so busy. I know I am :P.

I don't want to blame anyone, because I know I definitely can't blame them or the forces of EVIL going against SUPER LOVER's will to make lonely people happy on V-DAY. but the forces of EVIL were just to tough for SUPER LOVER to handle and I know I can't make your day people.. I'm just happy that I did my part to make some people happy or at least lift up their day.

and hey SUPER LOVER wouldn't have done it if it weren't for her SUPER FRIENDS like Albie who hepled her do WHAT NOT, Jo and Kat (Constantino) for just being so, Nemuel who gave mariel a rose (it made her day! Lolz braggy me :P), Gor Jiro who was on my phone wallpaper for a whole month (nan ke ai! wo xi huan ni! :D).. just them to name a few. But what really made my day were those who got chocolate from SUPER LOVER that's just DOPE and it makes me happy.

SUPER LOVER's good deeds for the day:

  • give out chocolate
  • make fun of something
  • not go on a date
  • didn't problem about Ed (he's got God knows who now. Be Happy Jie!)
  • did fun for what not
  • make someone happy

SUPER LOVER became Marz and Marz just became crazy again. She just wanted to make someone's day but I would say I'm just trouble at the end of the day. Marz ended White Day as... I would do so.

... that is after SUPER LOVER sent Marz's mom her bouquet and then she just became Marz Again


'A waltz that was enough to last forever' I had that already I just didn't realize it till tonight. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

holla back at Marz

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XiGan said...

Yeah that's one use for the word BUSTED for Valentines day..