Today's Specials

On Today's Menu:
35 Squat thrusts

3 songs from 'the thing'
1 dinner @ a not so china-town town in Manila
1 too many complications with myself

Tomorrow.... Marz is going to the hospital WOOT... tho I don't see anything too fun about that. I mean. DUDE! I get to spend what not time.... oh yeah that reminds me I haven't even packedmy stuff for the time I'll be out of my house. I haven't started I'm too bum lazy.

Hospital + me = bum crap time .... oh boy productivity!

don't make me do math like that again anytime soon

I MIGHT get a biopsy while I'm in the 'can' for the mean time I can only hope for the best and that I get things overwith. I have had it with me not being able to cope up with my schoolwork because of my freakin' disease. It's messed up but thankfully I'm still alive and I won't be gone just yet.

.... ya'll just wait I'll be kicking butt soon

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