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Issues issues, I'll do a little rift raft. I'm not doing my project YET but I will again in a bit. I just thought I'd share bit of todays little mishaps.

I still don't understand why it is that my right foot swells up at the end of the day when all I do is sit and TRY to walk straight. I do try carying my bag aswell but I end up losing anyways. P.E. was about to blow me over mate! I had no idea we were having a practical exam today but mind you with my condition I was given an exception but I did still perform, no big... I still performed got my grade and sat down. AGAIN

that's pretty much what I do now. Eat, sleep, sit.... then do whatever else. The only thing I could really look forward to is when my foot gets better or in more broader terms I hope my nerves get well. SOMEONE PLEASE put a stop to vasculitis. It drives me nuts when no one is looking.... I got pretty irritated awhile ago from all the itch.... I had to take out all the bandages and get airy..... oh dear. poor foot.

one of my K-idols So Ji Sup is outta the 'can'... he was since last year and he's targeting the Japanese market like my boy Se7en is all out for the US and Japan after his last local k-concert for this year. oh yeah that's just alittle preview for you guys if your still up for So Ji Sup!

I haven't heard anything good in the news with the Philippine politics.. everyone is expected to CHEAT. and yeah your hearing this from me, a non-voter. Oh go ahead and sue me ya mofos! I don't care. Maybe I will when I start to vote. Or I ever will if the president gets any sart-ideas leading to what not. I came across this article on the web. I can't help but read it.... coz it was in BOLD LETTERING.

Bloggers will ghostwrite or ghostblog for some politicos.

ass that political ads.... you can read more from that article here
Get a knock out of Miguel Zubiri... the first politician on my blog.... EVER... why I blogged about him? well to me. ( I KNOW, MOFOS, I STAND CORRECTED SO HEAR ME OUT). People who do political ads. they do and don't think sometimes though his intentions seem good (I think so, but it could just be the political 'catch'). Funny I should read "
Mr. Biofuel: Ad fails to mention effect of the law on fuel prices" .... just when Ed said "the world was better oil-free" or something that meant like that... HECK! I don't even remember if he did say it XD!

but when it comes right down to it.... we all have our own little requests... take note that's 'little' not much to ask for is?

I haven't been too keen on the CNY celebration but I will do greet everyone just incase I've been keen on 'My foot' issues. belated Happy New Year of The Pig..... BIG MONEY, GOOD HEALTH... BE PROSPEROUS! BE IT ~

later days.

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