Talking @ the back

What would your usual conversation behind someone usually have?

"Hey he's a bastard, I say we kick his butt when he's not looking"
"she's a hoe! oh ya didn't know?"


STOP. There goes the drama, hey whats been going down since 800++ hours?... Marz was at the hospital today... I missed school obviously and my school attendance..... WOOT that got marked a week ago, I just thought. I now officially missed 7 days of school. I'm counting, and still am but I'm going back again tomorrow.

"Pahirapan nanaman" .... (just bring it on again)

I'm not exactly lazy to post pics today but that's another part of the drama I have to face tomorrow. It's my issue weather I should wear socks or what not... It kills to wear stuff on my feet. FOOT but both of my feet hurts so do ask what not. I hope this operation will put a stop to my feet killing me.

I can't wait to die because of CO training, I feel like I'm a casualty even before become one. I can only say sorry to my officers tho it seems like It's again some rule in the can... saying sorry. Who should be? I'm a soldier.. Their the people who has the power to make me move when they say so. So it'll be. Wait till I'm back on my feet, up and running. Make me plead that I didn't want to be a soldier. I signed up for this WHAT NOT.

What is the use of respect if I can't show it or use it? Ask meh granny.. she knows I don't have that. Dut dut dut that would have cost me an arm and a leg to get that kind of respect coming outta me.

ok ok you'll hear me 'living the life' for the mean time but It's guilty pleasure I tell ya. I think about kids who can't afford a meal while I'm eating, I think about the people dying while I'm recovering from the operation, I'm thinking about people who'll die from cancer while I'm waiting for a cure for my disease.... OK MATE U GET THE PICTURE. it's ironic.

I watched Dukes of Hazzard & Bewitched... dut dut dut. Bewitched was nice I reckon I wasn't paying that much attention when it was on HBO.

AHRG my foot hurts... ok I should stop. I'm killing me XD!

and yes I'm serious when I said it hurts.

Happy New Year of the Pig kiddies.... Much love and be prosperous.... share your love and chocolate gold coins! (especially if their meiji... kekekek XD)

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