WHADUP NERDS?! yeah Marz is back with an update about the cheering competition, and No I didn't mean you when I said 'WHADUP NERDS' that's more likely the greeting I'd get for wanting to get in EDC's CMD. SADNESS Marz has gone way out for what not for Mr. Chen's CMD. I'm still under contract with MarzoPop so I'll cut the crap from here.

I didn't get to watch Callalily in Circle C with some of my friends but I did go pass by SM but before I further elaborate on that, Let me tell you first what I'm really missing out on

Yes, TANK and IVY and though I've heard about these two "Volume two's" not showing any improvement from these artists I'm still all out to get a hold on these albums... Yeah I'm that nerdy folks.

yup it's boat sinkin' time once again. It's SCS's ever so popular 'Cheering' competition which I loathe SO MUCH because it gives people the excuse to do what not. (Includes the 'guy' I was mentioning in yesterday's post). Yeah so if I cut the story short it'd just be like:

Marz OWNS, boy turned mutt, boy is so annoying, saw some old friends, alumni's came over, Captain sunk ship, Marz's foot nearly killed WHAT NOT. That didn't make sense so let me knock you out with the photos I took

after hopeful wishing for the lil' kiddies from Masbate I still don't know who won the competition anyways but I still hope to hear that they kicked ass today so yeah. Major HELL YEAH going out to the Six PLUS five up in SCS Masbate. You guys we're awesome... tho I made it just in time to only watch them. I should have woken up much earlier to catch the other performing groups. Bonk me for being so.

yeah we came and did out share of play and learn. More like last minute learning on our part or maybe that could just be me. I always had an excuse to to show up for practice and I probably will still have the same reasons not to show up in school on Monday or on next Friday's training. I have nothing on you if your thinking WHAT NOT about me. PEACE Marz loves you. Here's our field

I'll tell you, that field is clean, I didn't bother taking after pics of it but let me tell you... there was bloodshed LOLZ. It's not really a laughing matter tho. Incase ya wondered it came from these people.

Awesome performance, wouldn't ask for anything more from them, NO HATING NOW. I just wondered how on earth that dude started bleeding. But not to worry that got taken care of anyway. dang.... I just love that shot. the confetti and all... pwahahaha I love action shots!

the truth? well we weren't ready and we didn't really put out backs into 'it' and It'll probably be the same next year if we don't take matters like the cheering competition seriously. We we're still practicing around from quarter to 10 till god knows when. Lucky for us we got to perform last. I must say I didn't get all that nervous maybe that was because I was at the back. WOOT! Marz was at the back.... seriously, at the back I don't find it much of a big deal but I actually like it in the back. My voice was not so effin' loud but people could hear me. I don't know about the others tho, I couldn't tell what from who gave in extra effort to be loud or just be heard <_<.

I couldn't take pictures of us in the field since I had no one with me to take pictures so I took the liberty to take pictures while the dancers were practicing for the last time @ the room. I have no idea what we looked like while performing all together.

It's time to have a little dance comp. WOOT! I wasn't to overwhelmed to see WHAT NOT happen all over again so I wouldn't go into detail until I feel like it. Here, just gasp and stare (with awe) at the photos. Remember me when you STEAL the pictures. I swear... people who take pictures like these are people who are usually hyped up or nervous about their performance. I was nervous no one would stay to watch us perform but GOD IS GOOD. The only difference that served me well was that even if I was performing in the back- behind-ness I still got to stay a bit up close to the front but I still wasn't in front WOOT! :P

Here's the freshmen doing their thing

then there was an intermission from the almuni's... I guess they just want to dance if that's what they wanted to hear from me. LOLZ. And there was the UNDYING games of the WHAT NOT

^Pwahahahah... make a smart guess with what happened here. PEACE! XD!!! don't flame me dude. I just love picking on you XD!!!!

time to announce the winners. YEY! they finally decided to finish the damn thing! I could stand anymore. I literally couldn't but having the alumni officers. OH BOY did captain made my boat sink faster than a speeding bullet (<_<) our efforts paid off after all!

this part is my favorite. I don't care win or lose just make sure we party -after. So yeah after being 'reunited' with the old alumni officers and being played with for a bit by them, I don't mind really but my foot was killing me. BLOODY MURDER! I wasn't really in the best shape to even think about partying but I did for a bit anyway. Me and my bud headed off to SM for (I don't know why again) but that total made me miss the Callalily concert in Circle C. I couldn't care less I haven't had lunch or whatever since I don't easily get hungry now-a-days (which is good, I think). We crashed over at Cerealicious. U SPELL for me... har har I love the stuff there but I had something else from my usual 'Oreo and Juliet'.

Here's mostly everyone.. and yeah we we're with Miss Gaudia.

Here we have Ayla representin' ~dancers costume~. She didn't have extra clothes with her, I bet she's gonna get cold at the movie theater. That's what the after party was all about. The movie I didn't intend to watch and didn't anyways.

And here's me SIGNING OFF like the F.O.B. I am @ cerealicious

Later Days...

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