give me... sexy

It's time once again when Marz reflects and just reflects and also stares at the mirror to realize.. AGAIN. wow oral steroid does definitely make me fat. *sob* *sob*

since there's no way to fix that yet (since I can't hang-out at the gym coz of my damn foot) Yeah I still got those new stiches on me since Monday morning. dut dut dut.... it's scary alright ang my schedule is a bit jammed-pack, I don't know where my priorities are at actually. MULTI-TASKING is the only thing I can do. I don' want to get nothing out of my COCC training. Bad timing for my vasculitis to worsen actually. thats bshit!!!!!

... nuff said sobs WHO CARES? it's not like talking can fix that but let alone what not to MUSIC again. TWO new JPOP beats are in the HAUS. (Yes I'm still DJ-ing) tho you may think that a bit off from my time line. There's Ryohei ★ ReListen and UVERworld ★ BUGRIGHT

I'm off to knock my knee caps off with this albums while I do whatever else that needs to get done.... WOOT. My foot, my poor foot. YUCK STICHES! (X_x)

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