for there are.. MONDAY BLUES~

I'm not done yet with my foot issues but I do feel like I'm getting well (YEAH!). I still fear going back to COCC training tho I really really want to go back. I hope I can do those squat thrashes soon but I hope not too soon that my wound re-opens. I have all summer for pay back time since my co-buds did their time, why shouldn't I? So yeah tomorrow I'm getting my stitches taken out... I got to counting... Two stitches more than the first one but it didn't really hurt as much... Thank god.

Project overload
what I fear even more than stitches is not making it on time with my project deadlines. I have TONS of things to finish but I don't know what I'm doing... I'm doing this project in History then in Values Education, then in this and that and what not... I just got started with the AP tho. I hope it comes out good... I could use the help, drop by if you know how to draw King Louis XVI.. kekeke XD!

hear this. V (Rubio) is in hospital confinement right now, I got the news from Katrina (Constantino) just this evening. Lucky me, I still had P1 worth of sms load so decided to sms V and tell her to get well soon. It sucks to be confined in a hospital especially if there's alot of things to be done.... GET WELL SOON V!

Thanks to School there won't be classes tomorrow... there's that declamation of students. No doubt about it that my gay ex-crush is getting in the list of nominees for WHAT NOT, well what ever that is i hope I don't go against him IF EVER that I do. It'll be over on the 19th and Marz will be a year older.

holla back at me...

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