Do you want to dance?

Tomorrow is finally V-DAY! and I'm really hyped about it. Must be because of the 'plans' I have for this day. Don't get me wrong now, I don't have a date and I'm NOT going to the prom so drop the idea of me going out with anyone unless .... ok forget about the chances about me getting to go on a date with anyone good this year. But from the past years of experience with people and Valentines day, it's only this time that I'm actually looking forward to Valentines Day.

One thing that hasn't gotten off my mind.... WHITE DAY. In the Philippines originally we don't celebrate a Japanese holiday like this, that is because we're more influenced by the Americans thus we have Valentines Day. I don't give WHAT NOT for WHAT NOT. but I am giving out some chocolates to some people who are dear to me @ school tomorrow

I'm the last person you'd see dancing without a partner. Ok ok I'll get to the drama, since I'm not showing up at the prom (because I calculated my prom expenses and hospital bills... Prom expenses was WAY WAY TOO OVER PRICED!) I'm taking the day to actually do something productive like finish my exams (Maybe I'll do my Math and Science on the same day). I'm being mislead again :P what I'm really trying to say is that someone who


I was hoping to steal one dance with that person but life as it is... I couldn't complain and only hope that person would eventually dance with me sometime, when the world comes to an end. Or if was the last girl on earth which I've imagine him telling some people (including myself). FCUK! is a brand! :P. you naughty reader! (If I posted a picture hint... It would totally give away who it was I was talking about :} )

SHARE your LOVE tomorrow (especially tomorrow) and ALWAYS

Later days

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