Valentine truffles

Valentine truffles, originally uploaded by Patrick Houlihan.

"it does not matter if the person you have a ‘crush’ on feels the love or not but the most important thing is that no one can stop you from liking the person and you, yourself likes the feeling of liking someone." - Denice Ho (HoCC)

Miracle? I donno but if you ask me I've cut my ties with 'what not' but yet again it can't be helped. I can't really fight with the lights out but I am, so let it be. I'm not fighting. acutally, I'm just out cold probably with what I'm doing...

OBLIGATED to do something on white day.... buying-making chocolates for my friends... or what not. I'm not the boss of me. I SHOULD BE SAVING UP FOR THIS DAY!

CHO-CO-LEI~ kit kat ne'one? ^____^


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