On The Fourth Day

Yeah this is going to be my first real blog post for 2007. It's stupid that it's pretty
late . It came on the forth. If you ever
wonder as to 'why' well I'm enjoying whatever I have left of my vacation:time4bed:. That's
what I do, I work work work and work then I rest on the last few days of my
vacation. I don't find any problem with that it's just that I don't want to go
back to school anytime soon. I'll be stuck with SCHOOL for the last 3 months of
the school year. GOD IS GOOD,:irule: I lived... and kicked ass along the way (Thank you

another day another bill spent... RAWRDizzy . well I went out coz there wasn't anything better to do but WORK:irule: .
I went out with Albie and spent the rest of the afternoon with her going around
the mall. I didn't find anything that caught my attention except maybe for these
little fakelings.... I know E would be mad to see me actually buying this stuff
but I don't have the time to visit Action City in S'pore. Neither to I even have
the time to visit JUICE in Hong Kong. bummer yeah I know. SCREW ME for buying
cheap ass junk... NOT:hhmEvil: . I only do, every once in awhile... let me enjoy my vacation


Marzie still has colds... and It's prolli one of the things that 2006 left me with:relaxing: ,
Ironic it still won't leave me. Let the cold be a cold. I'm not in a rush to get
well.. who knows maybe I'll be excused for school or something but let's not
hope for the worseevilsmile . Since I was out with Albie in the mall I finally got myself
a pack of Choco Baby while Albie got an apollo (wasn't too familiar with that
one, but It was much more exciting than my Choco Baby:cry: ) This is Japanese candy by Meiji by the way. If you didn't know I am very
fond of Meiji stuff.:ohjoy!:

why I went to the mall? really, it was to get myself some wallet prints. but these are like
than the usual mini prints I like canttakeit . but whatever it still fits my wallet anyways and besides I don't just stuff
'em all in my wallet ne'ways... go figure but don't make any wild guesses. I did
get prints of Shim Changmin and Kim JungHoon... woot:ok!: . Fanatic me but eh come to
think of it I was really after the Max picture but time wasn't on my side today.
I eventually treated Albie with several photos of JungHoon since she was fond of
watching him in Princess Hours (Goong)... oh great more for Albie n' less for
meehDrool .. I must say Max really looked cute in that photo thoILove .

I was out for christmas. I was in the province, enjoying coffee in
Baguio. Don't get me wrong
now I didn't go out all the way there just to drink coffeeDrool . It just so happens
that there was a Starbucks right next to where I was having lunch at. Now if you
knew where that Stabucks was at I'd say give it a visit. But I'm too rustic with
coffee. NO GOODcanttakeit , no more maybe this year again in December... I love the
Starbucks planner by the way. I really doevilsmile

that reminds me I did a voice blog on Christmas eve but my laptop is busted so
the file is still in... but if the 'gods' were good they'd get the laptop fixedevilsmile or
maybe I'm just not putting that much effort in getting that old thing fixed:WtUlokat: .
But I'm happy with using dad's desktop, I doubt he is tho. I use his laptop, his
desktop, his car (LOOOL), his money... ehhhp... I better stop there.
MUCH LOVE 2 Ya dad. One big up for ya. PEACE.ILove

wow I can't believe I'm saying it myselfcanttakeit tho it's a bit late since she released
1087 in December of '06.
Well I've been hearing stuff about her and it isn't really nice things. All I
can say is that it's probably been hard for Elva to keep up but I love her music
and all so she's got my support. Speakin' about it I'm about to check out her
1087 album in a bit. I've tried checking out her website also but seems like
I'll have to check back... COMING SOONbored

I don't know what it is with these people or are they after money, fame or WHAT NOT but
multi-talented just can't be help but saidbored . THIS IS MAD I just heard that
Moon Geun Young is singing alreadycanttakeit . If you
don't know here she's known as Korea's "little sister" I just don't know about
now because she wants to lose that image of her...then that would make her
"Korea's big sister" HAHA ok back to the drama anyway. She's not the only one.bored

< during her 'Innocent Steps' movie
<her single "&Design" cover

There was also in 2006 Lee Jun Ki who released
a single called "My Jun" I take back what I said when I said he was talented. He
just 'can' sing, keep in mind carry a tune:ok!: . Singer turned actors like Se7en (tho
his drama ain't out yet)... Dong Wan, Minwoo, and Eric of Shinhwa. Sheesh. no
wonder the same people make it into the headlines, not that I'm complaining
Shinhwa is quite and eye candyevilsmile ILove

have I raved about enough yet? I'm just getting started for the year. Don't
"Gong Hei Fat Choi" me yet. It's not yet Chinese new year till February, mind

I hope you guys had a lot of pig for new year... coz i just looked like a
mad drunk woman on that day but I wasn't which is good. BE WELL. and STAY

Later days....

P.S. this is all I did on New Year's eve
Droolok ... I was holding the bottle so what?

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