Make me emotional high XD!

yeah another day down in 2007 so far so good. and I'm just on an emotional high if should tell you that. Since my buds are going their own ways now lately. My boi George is going to get married soon tho I doubt he has plans of tell me that personally. Nic is going to be a busy DAD, Kay is going to be a mom soon (I'll get to talk to her in the afterparty), Mom and Dad are just pointing at each other with answering the question "can I *insert verb here* or not".

doesn't that just sound rough? well the only reason why that is I am on an emotional high is that I'm actually paying attention to my studies and most the things that need to get done. I haven't however paid attention to MarzMusic that much but I will be again in a bit. Because it's written in the stars that MarzMusic won't be doing too well this year or I HOPE NOT. because I'll just be working my butt on the for the whole summer.... if I'm not busy.

here's what I was watching just today. I got myself started again. So if Philly is going INSANE over GOONG and what not because I'm after GOONG S who's got Se7en as the new prince.

Personally I don't care now if goong-s is just a spin off but this is where I'll get to watch Se7en and Song Baekkyoung... Yes your reading right I said Song Baekkyoung. Your Sugarfree 1tym boy. SONG Baekkyoung he's gonna cameo for the first episodes so you can expect me glue-ing my eyes to the screen. They've even got Big Bang watching! and if you din know about it go google it!

hana kimi on the other hand. I was blessed to actually get to see this also today... It's another one of them stupid-funny-bizzare plotted dramas and it's based from a manga. I have no idea what the manga was about (OK, don't flame me!) but it seems so yayoi that I wouldn't watch it if I knew what it was about but with the way I am right now I could definitely kill time because I don't want to do my school work just so soon. Jiro was ke ai!

if you eople still don't know what kind of work I'm doing for my company I say you could really use a big hint from captain obvious but nuff said about me (i think I'm not just emotionally high but actually really mad but don't know why). ANYWAY. tho it seemed like I had all the time in the world today but maybe that's only going to be up to today only. I got the chance to watch Lee Jun Ki's Fly Daddy Fly. I say Jun Ki was very physical in this one. It OWNS his character in My Girl. Tho his character here has nothing to do with girls, cars, or what not you could expect from a player. I really liked his character in this movie. I have yet to say what I find disappointing in this movie but if I were you I'd watch it anyway. You'll prolli learn that your better than that kid who's all that in class or the bossy moron that you hate at work......

also there is another movie I saw sometime earlier this year. And that is dun dun dun dun.... Taiyou no Uta. I would have saved my two cents watching the movie which was starred by YUI and some guy whose name I forgot. I'd rather watch the whole drama than the movie Erika Sawajiri as the lead DUDE! who wouldn't want to see that? -_-' I must have gotten things like this switched with WHAT NOT. or maybe it's because I'm just a bit too high right now.

Marz owns... another day...

later days

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