Kubrick, originally uploaded by Ing Siang.

I don't know why it is that you have to show up only to dissapoint yourself. I want you to know that at this moment of time I still don't know what your thinking but if my guess is right and if I am right. I want you to know that I still am afraid to see you disappointed.

The thought of you makes me happy but your presence make it hard for me to breath. If there was a way to make it easier for me (and my selfish desires) I would have long gotten rid of you because I never win in foolish games like these.

go on and walk home... you can live without me anyway.

--DUDE! how long will this friggin' poems keep showing up in my blog?! RAWR....

btw make sure to catch 'POP GOES ASIA' on youtube... hardy har... but I reckon I do sound lousy. I'm better on the radio than on youtube >_<>

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