Asian Food Fest '07

another one for the books... Marz owns!

or so I think it's like that... I dunno I didn't find anything too appeasing to me maybe except for Japan's parfait... GOD that reminds me of the Kitkat parfait. WHICH IS LOVE and reminds me of my duty for V~ Day. I'm actually eager to give out chocolates to everyone. So don't complain and just stuff ya mouth and be happy!

Some photos from the AFF07... another crubling matter the skool can't handle >_<: At the parade.... I'm lazy to elaborte on this except maybe for the fact that I noticed that I did gain weight. tho I frequent in the gym... and DUDE I'm still on the meds that make me fattt ROAR!
Recyn and me..

that's Thailand.... who freakin' pawned all there is to be won

here's Mac-Philly. REPRESENTIN'

ever heard of people eating exotic? you would have wanted to line up in the Philippines booth for a taste of 'Adobong Palaka' (some dish that has something to do with frogs) but hey it's not bad it just wasn't marinated well if you ask me. XP

get a knock outta this... you can say I stole 'grace' from them but they still won LOLZ (PEACE FOOLS. I don't mean harm. I don't bite. RAWR) this is from the Thailand's group table.... I wish I actually tried something off from them but I was busy avoiding trouble then.

^YUM YUM fruits on pineapple. ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. was that Thai? I dunno don't ask me. ANSWER BACK kids!

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